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Message 1: Obituary: P.H. Furfey (1896-1992)

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 92 15:40 EDT
From: jj36 <>
Subject: Obituary: P.H. Furfey (1896-1992)

 Paul Hanly Furfey, a pioneer of sociolinguistics, died at age
95 on June 8, 1992 at Providence Hospital. Monsignor Furfey taught
in the Sociology department at the Catholic University of America
in Washington, D.C., from 1925 until his retirement in 1966,
serving as department chairman from 1934 on. That same year he
became associated with Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker group,
and worked closely with Day through the 1930s and again during the
Vietnam-era peace movement.
 In 1943 Furfey gave the first known course on the Sociology
of Language, and in 1944 published two articles on sociolinguistic
topics in the American Catholic Sociological Review. In the early
1950s two of his doctoral students, Father George N. Putnam (1909-
1991) and Edna M. O'Hern (b.1919), undertook a pioneering
sociolinguistic study of a Washington, D.C. ghetto dialect, and
their dissertations were published jointly as a supplement to
Language in 1956 (The Status Significance of an Isolated Urban
Dialect, Lg 31, no. 4, Part 2, supplement).
 A fuller account of Furfey's life and career, as well as of
other pre-1960 work in sociolinguistics, may be found in my article
"Paul Hanly Furfey and the Origins of American Sociolinguistics",
forthcoming in the next issue of Historiographia Linguistica
(probably in July). It was my good fortune to get to know
Monsignor Furfey during the preparation of the article, and I am
sorry that he did not live to see it appear.

--John E. Joseph~Z
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Message 2: Geneva Technical Reports

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1992 11:17:00 +0200
From: Robin Clark <>
Subject: Geneva Technical Reports

 	Technical Reports in Formal and Computational Linguistics

 		Robin Clark, Luigi Rizzi, Eric Wehrli

 		 Department of Linguistics
 			University of Geneva

 No 4: Late Empty Subjects in German Child Language
 			 ---Cornelia Hamann (54 pages)

Acquisition research has shown that in german the use of 0-subjects does not
drop from about 50% to 5% in a very short space of time, but that there is a
drop from about 45% to 10-20%. The present paper investigates this 10-20%
0-subject stage in 3-year-olds. It shows that this stage is surprisingly long
but not final. Moreover, the two children under investigation used structures
in this phase which are neither found in the state of early 0-subjects nor in
the target. The striking result of the study is that there 10-20% of
0-subjects occur even after the full acquisition of inflection and Verb
Second, and that during this phase children use post-verbal referential
0-subjects. An analysis is proposed admitting competing strategies for a
time, a strategy of topic-drop and a strategy of licensing 0-subjects in
government configurations.

 Price: 10.-- SFr (within Switzerland)
 	 15.-- SFr (outside Switzerland)

 No 3: Adverbial Positions and Second Language Acquisition
 			 ---Liliane Haegeman (50 pages)

The paper is a generative approach to the issue of L2 acquisition. The paper
examines the acquisition of English adverb positions by native speakers of
French in the light of Pollock's split INFL hypothesis. It is proposed that
for a certain group of adverbials there is a correlation between the position
of the adverb w.r.t. the direct object and the null object parameter. In this
way the paper offers insights both in the problem of L2 acquisition and in the
domain of the syntax of English and French.

 Price: 10.-- SFr (within Switzerland)
 	 15.-- SFr (outside Switzerland)

Also Available:

 No 1:	 Papers on Learnability and Natural Selection
 			 ---Robin Clark (144 pages)

 Price: 15.-- SFr (within Switzerland)
 	 20.-- SFr (outside Switzerland)

 No 2: Residual Verb Second and the Wh Criterion
 			---Luigi Rizzi (28 pages)

 Price: 7.50 SFr (within Switzerland)
 	 12.50 SFr (outside Switzerland)

To order, or for further information, contact:

 	Technical Reports
 	Department of Linguistics
 	University of Geneva
 	CH-1211 Geneva 4

We accept either Mastercard or Eurocheques, made payable to ``Technical
Reports''. Please include the following information with your order:



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Message 3: OPSL

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 15:41:53 +0200
From: <noelBANRUC60.bitnet>
Subject: OPSL

Now available from the Nottingham English Language and
Linguistics Research Group (N.E.L.L.):



Jonathan Fine (Bar-Ilan, Israel):
Functions of probabilities on linguistic systems

Elke Teich (GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt):
A systemic grammar of German for text generation

Meriel Bloor (Warwick) & Thomas Bloor (Aston):
Given and new information in the thematic organization
of text: an application to the teaching of academic

Peter H. Fries (Michigan) & Gill Francis (Singapore):
Exploring Theme: problems for research

Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard (Santa Catarina, Brazil):
The representation of speech in factual and fictional
narrative: stylistic implications

Glenn Stillar (York University, Toronto):
Emerging discoursal patterns: a phasal analysis and
catalysis of Leonard CohenUs RAlexander Trocchi,
public junkie, Priez pour nousS

Michael Toolan (Washington):
Token and value: a discussion

Kristin Davidse (Leuven):
A semiotic approach to relational clauses

Leiv Egil Breivik (Bergen):
Angela Downing on existential sentences

Angela Downing (Madrid):
BreivikUs accusations: a rejoinder

James R. Martin (Sydney):
Theme, Method of Development and Existentiality:
the price of reply

James R. Martin & Christian Matthiessen (Sydney):
A brief note on HuddlestonUs reply to Matthiessen & MartinUs
response to HuddlestonUs review of HallidayUs
Introduction to Functional Grammar

Rodney Huddleston (Queensland):
On HallidayUs Functional Grammar: a reply to Martin
and to Martin and Matthiessen

Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen (Ghent):
The interactional utility of of course in spoken discourse

Marietta Elliott (Charles Sturt) & William McGregor
Syntagmatic relations among texts

To receive your own personal copy of this DOUBLE volume
send a cheque for 14 Pounds Sterling to:

Hilary Hillier
Department of English Studies
The University of Nottingham
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