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Thu 18 Jun 1992

FYI: Idiom Bibliography

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  1. , Bibliography of Semantics (Idioms)

Message 1: Bibliography of Semantics (Idioms)

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 92 16:08 -0300Bibliography of Semantics (Idioms)
Subject: Bibliography of Semantics (Idioms)

Dear Colleagues,
	I have been too swamped with requests to make good on my
promise of sending out photocopies of my reference list by regular
mail. I am posting here the key entries from my update (minus
annotations). Additional entries appear under other headings in
the book (Semantics of Child Language, etc.) and in the two earlier
CACCIARI. The Comprehension of Idioms. Journal of Memory and
	Language (JML) 27 (1988), 668-683.
FILLMORE. Regularity and Idiomaticity in Grammatical Constructions.
	Language 64 (1988), 501-538.
GIBBS. Linguistic Factors in Children's Understanding of Idioms.
	Journal of Child Language 14 (1987), 569-586.
_____ et al. How to Kick the Bucket and not Decompose. JML 28 (1989),
______. Psycholinguistic Studies on the Syntactic Behavior of
	Idioms. Cognitive Psychology 21 (1989), 100-138.
______. Speakers' Assumptions about the Lexical Flexibility of
 Memory and Cognition 17 (1989), 58-68.
______. Idioms and Mental Imagery. Cognition 36 (1990), 35-68.
GLASER. The Grading of Idiomaticity. In Werner Hullen et al.,
	eds., Understanding the Lexicon (Tubingen: Niemeyer, 1988),
GRECIANO. Idiom und Text. Deutsche Sprache 15 (1987), 193-208.
LATTEY. Pragmatic Classification of Idioms. International Review
	of Applied Linguistics 24 (1986), 217-233.
MUELLER et al. Processing Idioms with Multiple Meanings. Journal
	of Psycholinguistic Research (JPR) 17 (1987), 63-81.
POPIEL et al. The Figurative and Literal Senses of Idioms.
	JPR 17 (1988), 475-487.
SCHRAW et al. Preferences for Idioms. JPR 17 (1988), 413-424.
SCHWEIGERT. The Comprehension of Familiar and Less Familiar Idioms.
	JPR 15 (1986), 33-45.
______. The Muddy Waters of Idiom Comprehension. JPR 20 (1991),
______ et al. Familiar Idiom Comprehension. JPR 17 (1988), 281-296.

I would be glad to receive any references that I've missed.

 Terry Gordon.
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