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Sum: Grammatical Gender

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Message 1: summary-gender

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 20:00:11 PDsummary-gender
From: Elaine R. Miller <>
Subject: summary-gender

Here is a summary of articles on grammatical gender. Thank you to those
who sent me references!

Anderson, Roger W. "What's Gender Good for Anyway?" In _Second Languages:
 A Cross-Linguistic Perspective_. Ed. Roger W. Anderson. Rowley:
 Newbury, 1984. 77-100.
Brisk, Maria Estela. "The Acquisition of Spanish Gender by First Grade
 Spanish-Speaking Children." In _Bilingualism in the Bicentennial and
 Beyond_. Eds. G. Keller, R. Teschner, and S. Viera. NY: Bilingual
 Press, 1976. 143-160.
Broeder, Peter. _Talking About People_. Amsterdam: Swets and Zeitlinger,
Cain, J., M. Weber-Olson and R. Smith. "Acquisition Strategies in a First
 and Second Language: Are They the Same?" _Journal of Child Language_
 14(1987): 333-52.
Carroll, Susanne. "Second Language Acquisition and the Computational Paradigm."
 _Language Learning_ 39(4): 535-94.
Gariano, Carmelo. "El aprendizaje del genero en espanol." _Hispania_ 87
 (1984): 609-13.
Gathercole, Virginia. "The Acquisition of Sex-Neutral Use of Masculine Forms
 in English and Spanish." _Applied Psycholinguistics_ 10(1989):401-27.
Karmiloff-Smith, A. "The Interplay Between Syntax, Semantics and Phonology in
 Language Acquisition Processes." _Recent Advances in the Psychology of
 uage_. Eds. R.N. Campbell and P.T. Smith. NY: Plenum, 1978. 1-23.
Levelt, Pim, on Dutch Gender (I don't have specific references; the work is
 from the 70s, from the Max Plank Institute)
Levy, Yonata. "The Acquisition of Hebrew Plurals: The Case of the Missing Gen-
 der Category." _Journal of Child Language_ 10(1983): 107-21.
Loschky, L. _Why can't Yoko keep *his gender markings straight? Pronoun
 gender errors in English Interlanguage_, Nanzan Univ., 1992.
Mills, A.E. _The Acquisition of Gender: Evidence from German and English_.
 Berlin: Springer and Verlag, 1986.
Mills, A.E. "Acquisition of the Natural-Gender Rule in English and German."
 _Linguistics_ 24(1986): 31-45.
Poplack, Shana and Alicia Pousada. "Competing Influences on Gender Assignment:
 Variable Process, Stable Outcome." _Lingua: International Review of
 General Linguistics_ 57(1982):1-26.
Slobin, Dan I. _The Cross-Linguistic Study of Language Acquisition_. Hillsdale,
 NJ: Erlbaum, 1986.
Teschner, Richard V. and William M. Russell. "The Gender Patterns of Spanish
 Nouns: An Inverse Dictionary-Based Analysis." _Hispanic Linguistics_ 1
 (1984): 115-32.

Elaine Miller
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
UC-Santa Barbara
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