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Tue 14 Jul 1992

Qs: Spirantization; Cohesion

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  1. , Spirantization of voiced stops across languages"
  2. Davide Galletti, Query COHESION & INFORMATIVITY

Message 1: Spirantization of voiced stops across languages"

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1992 13:29 EDTSpirantization of voiced stops across languages"
From: <FMARTGUVAX.bitnet>
Subject: Spirantization of voiced stops across languages"

I am working on the topic of the stop/continuant allophones of the voiced
obstruent in Spanish. Does anyone know (or have any references) about any
language(s) that exhibit a pattern similar to that of Spanish, other than,
of course, languages in the Iberian Peninsula, such as Basque and
Catalan? (studied in Mascaro 1984 "Continuant Spreading in Basque, Catalan,
and Spanish",in *Language Sound Structure*, Aronoff & Oeherle, eds., MIT

The basic facts of Spanish are: voiced obstruents /B, D, G, J'/
(capitals indicate underlying unspecification for continuancy; J'
stands for a voiced dorsopalatal obstruent realized as either an
affricate or a fricative) surface as stops: 1) after pause; and 2) after a
homorganic consonant /n/, and /l/. (only /lD/ and /lJ'/ are homorganic
in Spanish, so in /lB/ and /lG/ the obstruents surface as fricatives).
Elsewhere they surface as continuants ("elsewhere" coincides in most
cases with "after a continuant"). It might be helpful to note that
there is no compelling reason to believe that voiced obstruents in
Spanish are specified for the feature [continuant] in underlying

Finally, is anyone aware of a language with an asymmetric pattern of
alternation such as that exhibited by Spanish after laterals?

I would greatly appreciate any help regarding this matter. Please send
your responses to "FMARTGUVAX". I'll post a summary or send a printout
to those interested.

Fernando Martinez-Gil
Spanish Dept.
Georgetown University
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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 92 10:32:34 PDQuery COHESION & INFORMATIVITY
From: Davide Galletti <>

I'm writing on behalf of a friend of mine who hasn't got access to the
list. She is writing a dissertation on two standards of textuality:
cohesion and informativity. The problem she is dealing with is the
relation between these two principles: are they inversely proportional or not?
Has anybody got any references to this problem? Considering that there
doesn't exist a universal definition accepted by the majority of
linguists, could you suggest anyone?
Any help would be extremely appreciated.
Reply to my e-mail address and if there is enough response, I will
summarize for the list.
Many thanks.

Davide e Laura.
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