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Tue 14 Jul 1992

Confs: Turkish Linguistics

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  1. Kemal Oflazer, Provisonal Programme of 6th Int. Conf on Turkish Linguistics

Message 1: Provisonal Programme of 6th Int. Conf on Turkish Linguistics

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 92 13:52:32 +0Provisonal Programme of 6th Int. Conf on Turkish Linguistics
From: Kemal Oflazer <koTRBILUN.bitnet>
Subject: Provisonal Programme of 6th Int. Conf on Turkish Linguistics

The following may be of interest to the readers of this list.

Kemal Oflazer

Provisonal Programme of 6th Int. Conf. on Turkish Linguistics
 12-14 August 1992
 Anatolia University
 Eskisehir, Turkiye

"The Ways of Extension of Meaning through Borrowed Words in
Modern Turkish"
Mehmet Demirezen

"The Pragmatic of tane"
Christopher Schroeder

"Cases of Synonomic Constructions in Turkish"
Gul Acar

"The Pragmatics of contradiction in Turkish"
Gurkan Dogan

"The Situation in Turkish"
Erkan Tin - Varol Akman

"Gunumuz Turkcesinde Hitap Bicimleri"
Yadigar Egit

"Turkce'deki Beddua Sozcukleri Uzerine Bir Calisma"
Ulker Vanci Osam

"Linguistic Criteria for Robust Morphological Parser/Generator for
Michael Norris

"Case Theory in Turkish in Nominal Phrases"
Serpil (Aydin) Tin

"Turkish Subordination [-CP+Tense+Case]"
Sarah D. Kennelly

"Turk Dili Icin Yeni Kok Sozcukler Kaynagi"
Polat Kaya

"A Root Driven Parser of Spelling Checking in Turkish"
Aysin Solak - Kemal Oflazer

"On the Grammatical Status of Turkish Clitics"
Armin Bassarak

"A Descriptive Framework for Specification of Structural Relationships
in Modern Turkish"
H. Braam - M. van Damme

"The Place of AYN and HEMZE in Structure of Words in Turkish"
Majid-Al-Kuran and Faruk Turker

"The Parameter Aspect in Turkish"
Eser Erguvanli Taylan

"Exceptions to the Turkish Vowel Harmony or [-VH] Revisited"
Karl Zimmer

"The Syntax of non-Verbal-Final Sentences in Turkish"
Jacklin Kornfilt

"A Blue Print for a Red House"
Creyan van Schaaik

"Reciprocal Constructions and Plurality in Turkish"
Guliz Kuruoglu

"A New Study of the Origin of the Old Turkic Script"

"Turkish Affixal Behaviour: A Synchronic Re-interpretation"
Omer Demircan

"Some Geographical Distribution Patterns of Bolu Dialect"
Tooru Hayasi

"The Usage of Suffix -dik+Poss. in Turkish
Fatma Erkman Akerson - Seyda Ozdil

"Turkish Prosodic Minimality"
Sharon Inkelas - Orhan Orgun

"12-60 Aylik (1-5 Yas) Turk Cocuklarinda Dil Yapisinin Incelenmesi
ve Buna Dayali Olarak Olcek Gelistirilmesi"
Necate Baykoc Donmez

"The Language of Newspaper Reporting - Ideological Transformation
of Discourse: How Newspapers Get Their Messages Across"
Muhsin Karakas

"A Study of Phonological Acquisition by Turkish Children and Its
Implicators for Phonological Disorders"
Seyhun Topbas

"The Development of the Topic in Turkish Expository Written
Lutfiye Oktar - Semiramis Yagcioglu

"Bilingual Discourse in The Netherlands: Patterns in Turkish-Dutch
Ad Bachus

"The Language Used by Modern Turkish Political Leaders"
Azmi Ozkardes

"Early Bilingual Development of Turkish Children in The Netherlands"
Hanneke van der Heijden

"Preliminaries to the Study of Stylistic Scales in Turkish Discourse"
Ahmet Kocaman

"Developing Referential Cohesion in Turkish Elicited Narratives"
Aylin Kuntay

"Comphrehending Newspaper Headlines"
Deniz Zeyrek

"Lexical Gaps and Compensatory Strategies in the First Language of
Turkish Children in The Netherlands"
Anneli Schaufeli

"NP Anaphora in Turkish"
Sukriye Nuri

"Development Changes in the Use of Complement Constructions in
Narrative Discourse"
Ayhan Aksu Koc

"Title to be announced"
Husainov Kobey

"Tittle to be announced"
Kandirali Konkobayoglu

"Anaphora in Turkish: A Preliminary Implementation"
Erkan Tin - Varol Akman - Nihan Unver

"Development of Complex Turkish Syntax in Mono and Bilingual
Jeroen Aarsen

"Title to be announced"
Zulal Balpinar

"Acquisition of Nouns in Turkish"
Yasemin Hoscan - Ahmet Konrot

"Title to be announced"
Karboz Diykanov

"Title to be announced"
Kirggizbek Ibragimov

"Prosody in Turkish Speakers with Parkinson's Disease"
Ahmet Konrot - ^ukru Torun

"Title to be announced"
Gul Durmusoglu
"Title to be announced"
Kurpesko Nadecda Nikolayevna

"Title to be announced"
Kaydarov Abdu - Ali Tuganbayevic
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