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  2. John Cowan, Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST
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Message 1: Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 92 13:20:42 PDRe: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST
From: Aki Namioka <>
Subject: Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST

In response to Christine Kamprath's message about information policy issues
and electronic information, I have a rather lenghty bibliography that
was compiled by Stacy B. Veeder in December of 1991 that covers the issue
of electronic privacy. It is attached below.

I am also aware of two non-profit organizations which have been looking
at information policy issues for a few years. They are Computer
Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) and the Electronic
Frontier Foundation (EFF). The CPSR Washington D.C. office has been
using its presence in the capital to influence legislation that will
formulate consistant electronic information policy while still
preserving First amendment, privacy, and civil rights. These
activities are largely fundedby EFF.

If you want more information about either organization I will be more
than happy to converse with you individually over e-mail.

Aki Namioka
(206) 865-3229
Compiled 12/91 by Stacy B. Veeder

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Message 2: Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 92 16:58:22 EDRe: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST
From: John Cowan <>
Subject: Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST

I read with interest the posting of LIFY460, er, Christine Kamprath.
Here are a few comments:

The texts posted by the authors are unambiguously copyrighted
under U.S. law and the Berne Convention as soon as they have
been "fixed in a tangible medium of expression". Computer
media has been held to be such a medium, and since Linguist
is archived, its contents are fixed. Copyright ownership
is with the author and no one else.

It should not be assumed that the networks are "common carriers"
within the meaning of U.S. or any other law. No court has
pronounced on the point, and it is not clear that universities
and random corporations would like being treated as common
carriers -- one of the duties of a common carrier is to carry
all who come and can pay, which is emphatically >not< something
that the aforesaid universities and corporations provide. Nor
are the networks themselves legal entities as yet.

I would strongly urge that the list maintainers contact the
Library of Congress and receive an International Standard Serial
Number (ISSN), the magazine analogue of the ISBN. Other moderated
net.digests, specifically Telecom Digest, have done so. Since issues
are already numbered, that would provide a concise and internationally
interpretable form of citation.

Since I am not an academic, the question of listing postings as
publications doesn't affect me directly. I would propose, however,
that they are more nearly analogous to editorial letters or even
to public speeches than to conventional publications. Is it common
practice to list either of these?

The privacy of electronic mail is guaranteed within the U.S. not by
common-carrier case law but by a specific statute, the Electronic
Communications and Privacy Act (ECPA), the same which protects cellular
(but not portable-phone) calls as if they were landline calls.

Disclaimer: Not A Lawyer (Or A Linguist, Either)

John Cowan		...!uunet!cbmvax!snark!cowan
			e'osai ko sarji la lojban.
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Message 3: Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1992 07:42 ESTRe: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST
Subject: Re: 3.575 Citing LINGUIST

A little while ago there was a similar discussion on *Humanist* about
how to cite, etc. I believe the final suggestion was to cite it as
a journal. A sample format (following MLA principles) was offered,
with date, volume no., etc.

It would be worthwhile to create an overall policy on citing electronic
lists, I think; perhaps a new paragraph in style sheets, such as LSA,
to include the person cited as well as electronic source and how to
retrieve (or where to retrieve) the full citation for future reference
and context would be extremely appropriate.

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