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Tue 21 Jul 1992

Qs: Unidentified language; Spanish

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  1. Hartmut Haberland, Inquiry about unidentified language
  2. Gabriel Decio, Spanish

Message 1: Inquiry about unidentified language

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 92 23:51:01 MEInquiry about unidentified language
From: Hartmut Haberland <>
Subject: Inquiry about unidentified language

A friend of mine (who is not on Linguist), Sysse Engberg
(, has a question about the identification of the
language (possibly Ossetic, or a near cognate) from which the following words
or phrases are taken:

avdesir/autesir week, or perhaps: monday
avdesir stur holy and great week/monday
asir evening ?
tu theologos ioannu pan, michail pan, timitiri pan, apostol(on) pan,
ilia pan, grigori pan
 all these show that pan must mean holy,
		 or saint - or feast ?
pi pinlachu tzau pan (the day before) midpentecost
sara varan istipan saturday of pentecost
aste makpan the birthday of the holy virgin
ini patzi kr(..) kukani dedication of the church of the holy resurrection
tzu var urnag (?) the exaltation of the holy cross
zirin kam pan (the day before the feast of) john chrysostomos
 - could zirin mean gold(en) ?
pachil pasil pan (the day before) the circumcision of our lord
 jesus christ
avina ti pani (in memory of) the assault of the enemies
fiti vani pani the birthday of john the baptist (the forerunner,
 in greek)
titi va(...)a(...)n kura (...)a the death of john the baptist (the cutting
 off of his head, literally)

These are glosses from a Greek liturgical manuscript. The source of the ms. is
not known, but identifying the language might help to solve this problem. The
glosses are in Greek letters (with accent marks, omitted here) in the
original. Please write directly to Sysse Engberg (
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Message 2: Spanish

Date: Mon, 20 Jul 92 21:01:52 ESSpanish
From: Gabriel Decio <>
Subject: Spanish

I am studying Spanish and English verbs, and I would appreciate
information on the following:

1. Is there a *frequency dictionary* of Spanish words (along the lines of the
frequency German dictionary _Haeufigkeitswoerterbuch der gesprochenen

2. Are there any Spanish or American English dictionaries or grammar books
that list all the possible syntactic frames (i.e. the possible
argument structures) for each verb? I recall seeing these frames for
British English in the introduction to Longman's _Advanced Learners'
Dictionary of Current English_ years ago.


Gabriel Decio
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