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Sat 08 Aug 1992

Qs: HDCP; Graduate Programs; UG Syntax

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  1. "R.M. Battison, HCDP research query
  2. "Finagle, etc., Graduate Programs Sought
  3. , query - text for undergraduate syntax

Message 1: HCDP research query

Date: Wed, 29 Jul 92 17:15:47 SWHCDP research query
From: "R.M. Battison <>
Subject: HCDP research query

I would be interested in obtaining the names and addresses of any
researchers doing work on HEARING CHILDREN OF DEAF PARENTS.
The focus of their research might be sign languages, bilingualism, or
linguistics, but could also be psychology, rehabilitation services,
sociology, history, or what-have-you. The scope is international.

Instead of cluttering up this bulletin board with tips and publication
references that might not be of interest to linguists, you are
welcome to contact me directly:

 Robbin Battison off. tel. 46-8-636-6527
 Grevgatan 23 home tel. 46-8-662-7049
 114 53 Stockholm off. fax 46-8-731-0249
 SWEDEN e-mail:
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Message 2: Graduate Programs Sought

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 92 14:47:26 cdtGraduate Programs Sought
From: "Finagle, etc. <DURFLINGGRIN1.bitnet>
Subject: Graduate Programs Sought


I'm a double major in philosophy/history set to graduate this spring. My
areas of interest are historiography, continental philosophy, cultural
history (modern/postmodern) and theory of computing. I'm looking for grad
programs that would allow me to combine two or more of these interests, and
so far I've had a few nibbles but nothing that really seems to fit. I'm
looking for a department that would be sympathetic to, for instance, a
Foucauldian analysis of computer networks, or a critical analysis of
electronic information (hypertext, information selling, etc.), or even
philosophy/history programs that have a strong emphasis on
technology/computing (computers and writing, technology critique).

I realize these are kind of esoteric interests, but it seems to me that
these areas of history and philosophy will certainly become more relevant
as networks and information systems become bigger parts of everyday life.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Virtually yours,
Ed Durflinger
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Message 3: query - text for undergraduate syntax

Date: 31 Jul 92 14:43:38 GMT-120query - text for undergraduate syntax
From: <>
Subject: query - text for undergraduate syntax

We teach an undergraduate course in syntax, titled grammatical
analysis, that we have been unable to find an adequate text for. The
course is geared to second year undergraduate students who have had a
single course in linguistics (introduction to linguistics) which
covers the major areas of descriptive linguistics briefly. in the
past we've used fromkin and rodman for the intro course; this year we
are switching to finnegan & besnier. the second year course is meant
to be a theory neutral course; the students don't get introduced to
theory (mainly gb and relational grammar) until the third year. in
the second year course we cover syntactic categories, and introduce
concepts like tense, mood, aspect, referentiality, voice, etc, and
then do a little bit of work on clause structure and subordination.
does anyone have any suggestions of a text that might be appropriate
for such a course? preferrably one that's not too expensive, as the
exchange rate on the new zealand dollar is not good and our students
are rather poor. send any suggestions to
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