LINGUIST List 3.63

Thu 23 Jan 1992

Qs: Sapir, Toponymy, Exclusive "We", Non-visual Aids

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  1. , Query: Sapir on Psychological Reality
  2. , Typonymy
  3. , We all
  4. Maggi Sokolik, Query: Braille/Linguistics/IPA

Message 1: Query: Sapir on Psychological Reality

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 92 05:31:20 ESQuery: Sapir on Psychological Reality
From: <>
Subject: Query: Sapir on Psychological Reality

Does anybody know of any critiques of Sapir's paper on the
psychological reality of the phoneme? Or indeed of any ofd
the classic papers on psychological reality (Chao, Sherzer, etc.).
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Message 2: Typonymy

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 92 18:26:43 +0Typonymy
From: <HUMA1FRCICT81.bitnet>
Subject: Typonymy

 Mon message n'etant manifestement
pas passe, je le reexpedie en demandant
si quelqu'un aurait une reponse pour moi.
Pourriez-vous, s'il vous plait, m'aider
dans ma recherche bibliographique en
m'indiquant quelques travaux recents
de toponymie generale et africaine?
Etudiant en Doctorat, je prepare une
 these de Linguistique dont le titre
est : Etude structurale sur la toponymie
 et la topologie fictive au Burundi.
Je vous serait tres reconnaissant de
 bien vouloir transmettre votre
reponse a l' adresse ci-dessous:
 Avec mes remerciements anticipes.

University of Burundi
Universite Toulouse le Mirail

My recent message has probably
been lost. I send it again, hoping
that I shall recieve your reply .
Please, could you help me with my
bibliographical research by giving me
at least some indication of recent
publication about general and African
I am preparing my Ph.D. Dissertation
on this topic : Structural study on
toponymy and fictive topology in Burundi.
I would be gratefull if you could convey
your reply to this address:

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Message 3: We all

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 92 17:27:26 ESWe all
From: <>
Subject: We all

Does anybody else feel that 'we' is sometimes quite restricted,
meaning something like 'me and my spouse', 'me and my family',
or perhaps 'me and one or a few people closely associated with
me either permanently or temporarily', and that to get a more
general sense one really needs to say 'we ... all'. There
is also the question of what if anything 'us guys' means.
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Message 4: Query: Braille/Linguistics/IPA

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 92 18:55:49 CSQuery: Braille/Linguistics/IPA
From: Maggi Sokolik <>
Subject: Query: Braille/Linguistics/IPA

I have enrolled in my Intro to Ling class a blind student. I use
Fromkin and Rodman, and realized today how visually oriented my
teaching methods are (overheads, diagrams, symbols, etc.)

Is there anyone out there who has been in a similar situation that
can advise me on how to accommodate this student? I am happy to
go the extra mile to develop some materials that will work for
her, but I am not sure where to start. Is there an braille equiv.
for IPA (she has a Braille transcriber that she uses to take notes)?
Any ideas for oral materials that could be used? I don't want to cheat
her out of any component of the class by merely asking her to learn
a lot of definitional material, but I am at a loss at how to deal with
the more symbolic aspects of things like phonetics/phonology. Please
reply to my box directly; I'll be happy to summarize for the list
anything that comes of this. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Maggi Sokolik
Texas A&M
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