LINGUIST List 3.653

Wed 26 Aug 1992

Qs: Informal language; Spatial Prepositions

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  1. Rohini Srihari, informal language
  2. Paul Deane, Semantics of spatial prepositions

Message 1: informal language

Date: Wed, 26 Aug 92 10:21:32 EDinformal language
From: Rohini Srihari <rohinics.Buffalo.EDU>
Subject: informal language

I would like to know if there have been studies on
modeling informal language. By informal language, I
mean language such as that found in handwritten
notes and memos, e-mail etc. I'd appreciate any references.
So far, I've only found references relating to the speech


Rohini Srihari
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Message 2: Semantics of spatial prepositions

Date: Wed, 26 Aug 92 15:59:40 ESSemantics of spatial prepositions
From: Paul Deane <>
Subject: Semantics of spatial prepositions

I am currently working on an analysis of the semantics of spatial
prepositions involving a new representational format. For example,
my proposed analysis will involve a single underlying meaning for the
polysemous preposition OVER, with the apparent polysemy following from
the complexity of the underlying concept, which is represented via
"snapshots" of the prototypical three-dimensional relation taken from
different vantage points and distances. I would like very much to
hear from anyone else who is currently working on the semantics of English
spatial prepositions, both for bibliographic information and discussion.
I would also like to hear from anyone whose research involves developmental
or neurolinguistic data on the semantics of prepositions or who is analyzing
the semantics of spatial marking in non-Indo-European languages.
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