LINGUIST List 3.680

Fri 11 Sep 1992

Qs: Vietnamese, Match-guise, Undergraduate

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  1. "Olaf.Husby", Speech rhythm - Vietnamese
  2. Niko Besnier, Match-guise test
  3. "Le Flem C. D.", Undergraduate Program in Linguistics

Message 1: Speech rhythm - Vietnamese

Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1992 10:13:30 +Speech rhythm - Vietnamese
From: "Olaf.Husby" <>
Subject: Speech rhythm - Vietnamese

I am working on a Ph.D speech rhythm i.e. what is typical speech rhythm
for Vietnameses speaking Norwegian as a second language? I would be glad
to receive some information about Vietnamese speech rhythm in general,
and also info about Vietnamese phonology/metrical phonology.

Olaf Husby
Dep. of Linguistics
Univ. of Trondheim, Norway
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Message 2: Match-guise test

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 92 21:09:32 EDMatch-guise test
From: Niko Besnier <UTTANUYALEVM.bitnet>
Subject: Match-guise test

I have been trying to find materials that I could use in my introductory class
on "Language, Culture, and Society" as an example of a match-guise test, the
technique traditionally used by variationists to obtain data on language
attitudes. So far my search has been unsuccessful. Can anyone provide me
with any leads?

Please direct you answers directly to me and I shall summarize what I get for
the network.

Niko Besnier
Department of Anthropology
Yale University
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Message 3: Undergraduate Program in Linguistics

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1992 15:20:03 Undergraduate Program in Linguistics
From: "Le Flem C. D." <>
Subject: Undergraduate Program in Linguistics

I am presently involved in reshaping the undergraduate program in linguistics
at Laval University. H. Dry's idea to start an e-mail discussion list
"devoted to the special concerns and challenges of M.A. linguistics programs"
(her message of 10 Apr 92) has prompted me to suggest a less ambitious consul-
tation among the LList members, restricted to the following questions:

1) Do you think that the introductory courses in syntax, morphology, phonology
and semantics should be purely descriptive or should they be theory-oriented?

2) What kind of theoretical exposure do you consider to be more fruitful for
an undergraduate student: a more or less superficial introduction to a range
of theoretical frameworks (how many and which ones?), or an in-depth teaching
of one particular theory (which one?)?

3) Should an undergraduate program include courses in natural language pro-
cessing, and if so, to what extent (types of courses, learning of a program-
ming language, etc.)?

4) Which theoretical model do you find the most appropriate for dealing with
both the description and explanation of language, and the specific requirements
of NLP?

Please send replies to my personal e-mail address. I expect the consultation to
last about one month and, if the moderators permit, I intend to post a reminder
in two weeks. If there is interest, I will write a summary for the list. On
request, the entire file will be sent to anyone interested.
I look forward to reading your comments.

Claude D. Le Flem
Universite Laval
Quebec, CANADA
G1K 7P4
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