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Sun 13 Sep 1992

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Message 1: BLS 17

Date: Sat, 12 Sep 92 11:12:51 -0BLS 17
From: <>
Subject: BLS 17

BLS 17 and BLS 17S are finally published. We wish to apologize humbly, deeply,
and abjectly for the long delay. For all you who prepaid, the books will be
mailed out next week (9/15/92) along with the next call for paper (which will
also be posted here).

BLS 17 contains papers by Derek Bickerton, Joan Bresnan, John McCarthy, Stephen
Pinker, and Geoff Pullum and Arnold Zwicky; the parasession on Grammar of
Event Structure has papers by Scott DeLancey, Paul Hopper, Jean Mandler,
Barbara Partee, and Len Talmy (to name a random few). If you would like
to order a copy, please send $16.00 plus shipping ($2.50 domestic,
$4.00 outside the US) to BLS, 2337 Dwinelle Hall, UCB, Berkeley, CA 94720.

BLS 17S has papers on African Language Structures by Pierre Bancel, Bernd Heine,
Ian Maddieson, Paul Newman,
Derek Nurse,Larry Hyman, and Thilo Schadeberg. It costs $8.00 and the shipping
is $2.00 domestic and $3.00 for all foreign addresses. Order should be sent
to the same address.

Again, we grovel. We hope it's worth the wait!

Any questions email
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Message 2: new journal in Geneva

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1992 17:09 WETnew journal in Geneva
From: <STARKECGEUGE51.bitnet>
Subject: new journal in Geneva

 The Linguistic Departement in Geneva is happy
 to announce the new member of the staff :

 GenGenP, i.e. the Geneva Generative Papers, is a new
 publication of the department, focussed on research in
 generative grammar and its borderfields. It will appear twice a
 year : one in the summer, one in winter.

 The first issue has already appeared and contains new papers by :

 Anna Cardinaletti - SpecCP in V2 languages
 Luigi Rizzi - Direct Perception, Government and Thematic Sharing
 Ur Shlonsky - The Representation of Agreement in Comp
 Liliane Haegeman - Sentential Negation in Italian and the Neg-Criterion
 Maria Teresa Guasti - Pseudorelatives and Prepositional Infinitives
 Piero Bottari - Romance Passive Nominals

 This winter's issue will be in major part dedicated to language
 acquisition and is due for Christmas.

 We would be glad to organise as many exchanges as possible, ... but
 we can also sell GenGenP for normal money : the price per
 volume (2 issues) is 20.-SwissFrancs in Europe (roughly 16 dollars) and
 30.- SwissFrancs, elsewhere (roughly 24 dollars).
 *** Payment by MasterCard only *** (in Europe = EuroCard) ***

 For complementary information, subscription, etc. please
 reply on this e-mail address :

 Thank you,
 Michal Starke.
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