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Wed 14 Oct 1992

Misc: New Publications, M Ryder

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  1. "Christiane Fellbaum", French Linguistics Journal
  2. Thorsteinn G. Indridason, New Publication (Icelandic)
  3. , Compounds and PDP

Message 1: French Linguistics Journal

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 92 11:10:06 EDTFrench Linguistics Journal
From: "Christiane Fellbaum" <fellbaumclarity.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: French Linguistics Journal

Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes
Vol. 21 (1992) "Principes generaux et typologie"
Edited by A. Rouveret


A. Rouveret: Principes generaux et typologie linguistique

B. Bortolussi: Passif, agent, et sujet en latin

Abdelkader Fassi Fehri: Strategies de legitimation et typologie

Lea Nash-Haran: La categorie AGR et l'accord en georgien

Luigi Rizzi: Speculations sur les phenomenes "verbe second"

Janig Stephens: Structure du groupe nominal en breton

Laurice Tuller: Remarques sur la typologie des langues a pronom nul

Rubrique patalinguistique

To order, send a check for $16 to

Christiane Fellbaum
Cognitive Science Laboratory
Princeton University
221 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08542
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Message 2: New Publication (Icelandic)

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 92 18:45:07 GMTNew Publication (Icelandic)
From: Thorsteinn G. Indridason <>
Subject: New Publication (Icelandic)


Halldor Armann Sigurdsson: Verbal Syntax and Case in Icelandic
				in a Comparative GB Approach

The Institute of Linguistics at the University of Iceland has reprinted a
limited number of copies of Halldor Sigurdsson's dissertation, Verbal Syntax
and Case in Icelandic (first printing 1989, University of Lund).

The major topic dealt with in Sigurdsson's dissertation is Case-marking and
its interaction with syntactic structure (X-bar theory), Verb Raising, and
argument structure. Subtopics that are thoroughly discussed include Verb-raising
in infinitives, exceptional Case-marking, long distance Case-marking, quirky
subjects and Case-marked PRO. The dissertation contains an unusual wealth of
data that raise theoretical problems of general interest and bear on a broad
range of phenomena in Icelandic and comparative Germanic syntax.


1. The sentence structure in V2 Germanic
2. Verb Fronting, Case and government
3. Infinitivals
4. Case percolation
5. Nonlexical NPs and Case
6. Promotion, theta-selection and Case

Those who are interested can order copy through e-mail: og
surface mail:

	Institute of Linguistics
	University of Iceland
	Arnagardur /Sudurgotu
	101 Reykjavik

The price is USD 36.
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Message 3: Compounds and PDP

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 92 10:23:16 +0Compounds and PDP
From: <>
Subject: Compounds and PDP

A few months ago we issued a query on linguist about computational
approaches to compound interpretation. We would like to thank anyone
who reacted to that query. Many people asked us for more information
on the PhD thesis of M.E. Ryder, that we mentioned in our query. We
have not succeeded in tracking an email address for M.E.Ryder, but
this is her snail mail address and phone number:

Mary Ellen Ryder
Dpt. of English
Boise State University
IDAHO 83705
Tel. 208 345 7437

Many thanks for your reactions,

Lieve De Wachter & Jan Provoost Tel: +32-16-285085
Centre for Computational Linguistics E-mail:
Maria-Theresiastraat, 21 Fax: +32-16-285025
B-3000 Leuven (Belgium)
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