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  1. EACL 1993, EACL93: Second notification and call for participation

Message 1: EACL93: Second notification and call for participation

Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 17:22:26 +0EACL93: Second notification and call for participation
From: EACL 1993 <>
Subject: EACL93: Second notification and call for participation

Sixth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for
Computational Linguistics, 21-23 April 1993, Utrecht

Onderzoeksinstituut voor Taal en Spraak (OTS) Research Institute for
Language and Speech


The European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
will hold its Sixth Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from
Wednesday to Friday, 21-23 April 1993, preceded by two days of
tutorials on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20.

General Conference Chair: The conference is co-chaired by Steven
Krauwer, Michael Moortgat and Louis des Tombe (OTS, Utrecht).

Programme Committee: Anne Abeille (University of Paris), Ted Briscoe
(University of Cambridge), Ken Church (AT T Bell Laboratories),
Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania), Ewan Klein (University of
Edinburgh), Andras Kornai (CSLI, Stanford), Jan Landsbergen (IPO,
Eindhoven), Uwe Reyle (University of Stuttgart), Anne de Roeck
(University of Essex), Remko Scha (University of Amsterdam), Susan
Warwick-Armstrong (ISSCO, Geneva).

Local Organization Coordinator: Joke Dorrepaal (OTS, Utrecht).

Tutorials Coordinator: Jan van Eijck (CWI, Amsterdam).

Student Session Programme Committee: The Committee is co-chaired by
Anne-Marie Mineur and Yvon Wijnen (Utrecht University), and includes
Paolo Cattaneo (IDSIA, Lugano), Jochen Dorre (University of
Stuttgart), Josef van Genabith (University of Essex), Patrizia Paggio
(University of Copenhagen), Irene Pimenta Rodrigues (University of


Purpose: This conference is the sixth in a series of biennial
conferences on computational linguistics sponsored by the European
Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. Previous
conferences were held in Pisa (September 1983), Geneva (March 1985),
Copenhagen (April 1987), Manchester (April 1989) and Berlin (April
1991). Although hosted by a regional chapter, these conferences are
global in scope and participation. The European Chapter represents a
major subset of the ACL. The conference is open to both members and
non-members of the Association.

Scope: Papers are invited on all aspects of computational linguistics,
including, but not limited to: morphology, syntax, semantics,
discourse analysis, pragmatics, grammar formalisms, formal languages,
software tools, knowledge representation, AI-methods in computational
linguistics, analysis and generation of language, computational
lexicography and lexicology, lexical databases, machine translation,
computational aids to translation, speech analysis and synthesis,
natural language interfaces, dialogue, computer-assisted language
learning, corpus analysis and corpus-based language modelling, and
information retrieval and message understanding.

Thematic Orientation: The Programme Committee plans special
sessions around the following themes:

- logic and computational linguistics
- data-oriented methods in computational linguistics

This thematic orientation is further developed in the three invited talks
and the tutorial programme to be held the two days preceding the
conference (19-20 April 1993).

Submission of topical papers (Reminder): Authors should submit an
extended abstract of no more than 5 pages A4. The first page should
include the title, the name(s) of the author(s), complete address(es)
(including e-mail), a specification of the topic area (one or two
keywords), and an indication of whether the paper addresses one of the
two thematic subjects. The extended abstract should contain
sufficient information to allow the referees and the Programme Committee
to determine the scope of the work and its relation to relevant
literature. Contributions should report on original research that has
not been presented elsewhere.

Submission media: Electronic submission is preferred, using
standard (!) (article style, a4) or plain ASCII. In case of
problems, contact the local organizer at the above address. For submissions
in hardcopy form, 6 copies should be sent. For future final versions,
hardcopy or files will be accepted. Submissions should be addressed
to the EACL93 Programme Committee.

Schedule: The deadline for submission is 1 December 1992.
Authors will be notified of acceptance by 1 February 1993.
Camera-ready copies of the final papers must be postmarked before 5
March 1993, and received by 12 March 1993, along with a signed
copyright release statement. Electronic versions should be received
by 5 March 1993. Papers not received by the due date will not be
included in the conference proceedings, which will be published in
time for distribution to everyone attending the conference,
and presentations will not be allowed at the meeting.

Student Session: This year for the first time, the EACL
conference will include a student session, which will be
organized by the Dutch Computational Linguistics Student Association
(TA!). This session provides a forum in which students can present
work in progress and receive feedback from other members of the
computational linguistics community, particularly senior researchers.

Papers should describe original, unpublished work in progress that
demonstrates insight, creativity, and promise. Topics of interest are
the same as for the main conference. Papers submitted to the main
conference will not be considered for the student session. Students
may of course submit papers to both. Note that having a student
session for the presentation of ongoing work in no way influences the
treatment of student-written papers submitted to the main conference.
Rather, the student session will provide an entirely separate track
emphasizing students' ``work in progress'' rather than completed

Preference is given to e-mail submission. The extended abstract
should not exceed 3 pages A4. , Postscript and ASCII formats are
acceptable. Deadline for submission is 15 December 1992. Those
submissions which are accepted will have their 3-page abstract
published in the EACL proceedings. The Dutch Computational
Linguistics Magazine TA! may ask some authors for an extended version
of their work to be published in a special EACL edition of TA!.
Submissions should be addressed to the EACL Student Session Programme
Committee. Further submission procedures are as indicated above.
Apart from the first submission deadline, the schedule is also as
indicated above.

Invited Talks: Three invited talks will reflect the thematic
orientation of the conference. Invited speakers are Johan van Benthem,
Ken Church and a third speaker (to be announced).

Poster sessions and Demonstrations: Anyone wishing to present a
project description and/or give a demonstration should send a two-page
description to the Programme Committee by 15 December 1992. Authors
will be notified of acceptance by 15 February 1993. Authors are
expected to present their work at the conference in three successive
30-minute slots. Further procedures as indicated above.

Tutorials: The conference will be preceded by two days of
tutorials, on 19 and 20 April. Each tutorial consists of an
introductory class of 3 hours on Monday and an advanced class
on the same topic on Tuesday.

The topics and lecturers of the tutorials are as follows:

- Uses of Dynamic Logic in NL Processing by Jeroen Groenendijk
 Martin Stokhof (University of Amsterdam)
- Recent Developments in Unification-based NL Processing by
 Hans Uszkoreit (University of Saarbrucken)
- Statistical Methods in NL Processing by Mark Liberman
 (University of Pennsylvania) (to be confirmed)
- Applications of Complexity Theory (tutor to be announced)

Dynamic Logic will take place in parallel with Unification-based NLP;
Complexity Theory in parallel with Statistical Methods.


Conference: The registration fee will be 275 Dutch guilders for
ACL-members, and 165 guilders for students and unemployed members.
Registration forms and payment should be received by 1 February 1993. The
fees include one copy of the proceedings and an invitation to the

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