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Confs: Unicode Workshop

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  1. , Unicode Implementors Workshop, Sulzbach (Taunus) Germany

Message 1: Unicode Implementors Workshop, Sulzbach (Taunus) Germany

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 92 12:29:57 -0Unicode Implementors Workshop, Sulzbach (Taunus) Germany
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Subject: Unicode Implementors Workshop, Sulzbach (Taunus) Germany

 UNICODE / ISO 10646
 December 3 & 4 1992
 Sulzbach (Taunus) Germany

This is an announcement for the upcoming fourth workshop in a series of
workshops on implementing the Unicode Standard and sponsored by the
Unicode Consortium. This is the first time the workshop is being
offered in Europe. Should you not be able to attend yourself, please
pass this notice on to somebody else who might be interested in
attending this workshop.

 Unicode is an international character encoding standard that
 encompasses all the world's national scripts in a 16bit code space.
 Unicode is a profile of the International Standard ISO 10646.
 Supported by most major computer and software vendors, Unicode greatly
 facilitates the development of internationally accepted software. All
 currently used character sets can be transferred to Unicode.

Target Audience:
 Software developers, technical writers, managers or engineers
 developing or considering development of software for the international

Date and Time:
 December 3 and 4, 1992, 9am - 5pm

 The workshop will be held at the Holiday Inn in the German town of
 Sulzbach (Taunus).

 December 3 will feature a full day, professionally developed,
 lecture course covering the Goals and Architecture of the Unicode
 Standard. It will address the problems posed by support for writing
 systems worldwide and how Unicode's design enables their solution.
 In addition, the course will explore several implementation strategies
 for Unicode and illustrate them with specific examples. December 4
 will feature invited papers on implementation aspects of Unicode and
 its relation to other standards. These seminar-style talks will cover
 specific, practical problems and point out solutions, as well as
 provide case studies and demonstrations of Unicode implementations


 Introductory Course
 Glenn Adams,
 Metis Technology, Inc. & The Institute for Advanced
 Professional Studies

 Keynote Address
 Gvtz H. Siebrecht
 General Manager
 Unisys Deutschland GmbH

 Unicode and 10646
 Isai Scheinberg
 IBM Corporation-Canada

 Program Migration to Unicode
 Alan Barrett
 Lotus Development Ireland

 Non-Spacing Marks
 Mark Davis
 Taligent, Inc.

 Operating System Support (Windows N/T)
 Michel Suignard
 Microsoft Europe

 Codeset Conversions
 Lloyd Honomichl
 Novell, Inc.

 Unicode In the XPG/Posix Model
 Gary Miller
 IBM Corporation

 Collating Unicode Data
 Alain La Bonti
 Ministry of Communications, Quebec

 Unicode Support in the Application Development Tool Kit
 Tuoc Vinh Luong
 Borland International

 Internationalization in Windows Past and Future
 Bill Hall
 Novell, Inc.

 Unicode and Print Servers
 Tadao Yamasaki
 IBM Corporation/Pennant

 Unicode/UCS: What does it mean for the European environment?
 J|rgen Bettels
 Digital Switzerland

 Practical Experience with Unicode Bidi Algorithms
 Alex Morcos
 Microsoft Corporation

 Unicode and Network Internationalization
 Wayne Taylor
 Novell, Inc.

 A complete set of notes will be provided for the course at no extra

 The workshop will be held at the Holiday Inn, Sulzbach (Taunus),
 Germany. The conference rate for a single room is DM 165 per night
 which includes breakfast. Lunch and dinner on December 3, and lunch on
 December 4 are included in the conference registration fee. Room
 arrangements should be made directly with the hotel, requesting the
 Unicode Workshop rate.

 Reservations +49-6196-763810
	Fax +49-6196-72996

 To register, please complete the registration form to the right
 and send together with a check, or credit card information, to
 either of the locations below.

 Cancellations must be received by November 27, 1992 and will
 carry a DM 50 (US$37) cancellation fee.

 European Contact:
 Unicode Implementer's Workshop
	c/o Unisys Deutschland GmbH
	Frau Helga Mifka/ML
 Postfach 1110
	D-6231 Sulzbach (Taunus)
		Phone: +49-6196-991259
		Fax: +49-6196-991860

 U.S./Canada Contact:
 Unicode Implementer's Workshop
	Classic Consulting, International
	2249 LeClair Drive
	Coquitlam, British Columbia
 V3K 6P6 Canada
		Phone: 604-931-7600
		Fax: 604-937-5898

Registration form:

	Name: ________________________________________

	Company: _____________________________________

	Address: _____________________________________

	City: ________________________________________

	Country: _____________________________________

	Postal Code: _________________________________

	Phone: _______________________________________

	Fax: _________________________________________

	 Non Member:
 	DM 550______ US$370______

	 Unicode Member:
 	DM 450______ US$300______

	__ Check Enclosed __ AMEX __ Visa __ MC

	Card#: ________________________ Exp Date:_____

	Signature: ___________________________________

	Make checks payable to Unicode, Inc. Employees
	of Unicode Full and Associate Members are
	eligible for the member discount.

	Cancellations must be received by November 27,
	1992 and will carry a cancellation charge of
	DM 50 (US$37).
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