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Thu 29 Oct 1992

FYI: Minority Recruitment, OUTIL Mailing List

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  1. BARBARA PARTEE, Minority Recruitment
  2. Arnold Zwicky, OUTIL

Message 1: Minority Recruitment

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 22:58 EST
Subject: Minority Recruitment

Bloch Fellow Jill Beckman and LSA President Arnold Zwicky will host a
special open meeting for students and those concerned with the
administration of linguistics programs on Jan. 8 during the LSA meeting in
Los Angeles, on the topic "Encouraging Diversity in the Community of
Linguists". The program will feature short presentations relating to the
situation in the discipline with respect to women, to members of ethnic and
racial minorities, and to lesbian/gay/bisexual linguists. I have volunteered
as part of the program to lead a discussion on recruiting and retaining
minority graduate students into our graduate programs. This is an area my
own department is trying to become more active in, and I would suppose the
same is true for many other departments. The aim is to share ideas about
ways to reach and expand the potential applicant pool, identify factors that
affect the successful recruitment of minority graduate students, and address
the issue of retention. I consider myself a novice in this domain and want
to serve as catalyst more than as speaker. I would like to request input
from others either before or at the meeting; I will be glad to share any
resource material that people can provide me with in advance, and others are
encouraged to bring relevant handouts to the meeting and/or contribute to
the discussion. Both faculty and students are encouraged to participate.

Barbara H. Partee
Dept. of Linguistics
South College
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
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Message 2: OUTIL

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 15:55:36 ESOUTIL
From: Arnold Zwicky <>
Subject: OUTIL

OUTIL (OUT In Linguistics) is an electronic mailing list for lesbian, gay,
 bisexual, dyke, queer, homosexual, etc. linguists and their friends.
 The only requirement for subscribing to the list is that
 you be willing to be out to everyone on the list as glb(-friendly).
 As of late October 1992, there were 119 people on the list, from
 all parts of the world (though heavily concentrated in U.S. academic
 institutions) and with a wide range in age.

The organization, if such it can be said to be, is deeply anarchic;
 nobody is in charge of anything, and anyone is welcome to institute
 any sort of event. (Arnold Zwicky merely maintains the list.) The
 only official purposes of the group are to be visible to one another
 and to gather occasionally (especially at conferences) to enjoy one
 another's company. OUTILists have discussed linguistic
 questions of interest to lgb people, plans for gatherings, queries
 and stories about our lives (especially in the academic world), and
 political issues.

To subscribe to OUTIL, send a message to

 - Arnold Zwicky
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