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Mon 09 Nov 1992

Qs: Word; Which

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  1. Hilger Martin Dr., Archive with WinWord-documents
  2. mai kuha, WHICH-poll

Message 1: Archive with WinWord-documents

Date: Mon, 09 Nov 92 15:45:26 CEArchive with WinWord-documents
From: Hilger Martin Dr. <>
Subject: Archive with WinWord-documents

Hi folks,

Does anybody know of a tool (it should be no Word-macro) that can be used
for the following purpose:

I'd like to put just the plain text of Word-documents (WinWord) together
with the name and the location of the document into a full-text-database
where I can do very fast searches.
As a database we use PROGRESS version 6 running as an NLM and we'll use
version 7 in spring (?).

It should work like a gateway or the like.
We're working on a 200 user NetWare 3.11 and could also use Novell queues
for that purpose.

Please answer to my address as I'm not a member of your list.

Any help appreciated!!
Thank you very much in advance.

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Message 2: WHICH-poll

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1992 10:01:48 -WHICH-poll
From: mai kuha <>
Subject: WHICH-poll

I am interested in the following use of WHICH:

There are usually more handwritten assignments to prepare you
for the exit exam, which you can't bring the computer for that.

When I went over there, they were clowning around, which I didn't really
care, until I found out they had lost my file.

The Reagan Democrats, which I used to be one, [didn't do such-and-such]

I would like to find out whether this use of WHICH is
sociolinguistically significant. Any intuitions would be welcome!
Please e-mail your comments to

I am especially interested in answers to the following:

1. Are the above sentences grammatical in your dialect?

2. Do you know other people who use this construction?

3. If you answered YES to 1 or 2, how would you characterize users of
this construction in terms of socioeconomic and educational background
and geographic area?

Thank you!

Mai Kuha
Indiana University, Bloomington
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