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Fri 31 Jan 1992

Confs: UWM Linguistics Symposium

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  1. Gregory K. Iverson, UWM Linguistics Symposium

Message 1: UWM Linguistics Symposium

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 92 13:51:00 CSUWM Linguistics Symposium
From: Gregory K. Iverson <>
Subject: UWM Linguistics Symposium


			21st Annual UWM Linguistics Symposium
			University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
			April 10-12, 1992



8:00 - 8:30	Registration
8:30 - 8:45	Welcome
8:45 - 9:15	Introduction

9:15-10:00	"Are rules unlearnable?"
			Janet Dean Fodor, City University of New York

10:30 -		"Knowledge of subjacency: its nature, origin, and use"
11:00			Robert Kluender, UCSD

		"The induction of prosodic constraints: implications for
		phonological theory and mental representations"
			David P. Corina, USC

11:05 -		"Linguistic processing is modular"
11:35			Fernanda Ferreira, University of Alberta

		"Stress and vowel length -- rules? no; conditions? yes"
			Luigi Burzio, Johns Hopkins University

11:40 -		"Rules of grammar and perceptual complexity"
12:10 			Bradley L. Pritchett, Carnegie Mellon University
			John Whitman, Cornell University

		"The moraic basis of extra-prosodicity"
			Gregory K. Iverson, UWM
			Deirdre Wheeler, Carnegie Mellon University

1:45-2:30 	"Grammaticization and the double articulation of
		linguistic theory"
			John DuBois, University of California, Santa Barbara

2:35 -		"A case study of rule acquisition: subject realization and
3:05		marking in Korean"
			Patricia M. Clancy, UCSB

		"Rule-less morphology at the phonology-lexicon interface"
			Joseph Paul Stemberger, University of Minnesota

3:10 -		"Competing theories, split ergativity and the logical
3:40		problem of language acquisition"
			Robert D. Van Valin, Jr., SUNY-Buffalo

		"Regularity and irregularity in German plural formation"
			Gary F. Marcus, MIT

4:00 -		"Finnish nominal inflection: paradigmatic patterns and
4:30		token analogy"
			Ann Thyme, Farrell Ackerman, & Jeff Elman, UCSD

		"Rules, constraints, principles, and parameters in
		unification-based phonology"
			John Coleman, University of York

4:35 -		"Rule vs. phenomenon"
5:05			Larry G. Hutchinson, University of Minnesota

		"The perceptual infrastructure of early phonological
			Alice Faber & Catherine T. Best, Haskins Laboratories

5:10-6:10	"Phonology in a dynamical system"
			John Goldsmith, University of Chicago

6:10-8:00	Reception

Saturday Morning

9:00-9:45	"Rules vs. cues: the baby and the bathwater"
			Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon University

9:45-10:45	"The psychological reality of grammatical rules:
		linguistic, historical, chronometric, psychophysical,
		computational, developmental, neurological, and genetic
			Steven Pinker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

11:00 -		"Beyond rules and exceptions"
11:30			Mark S. Seidenberg & Kim Daugherty, USC

		"On the typology of grammatical principles"
			Gerald Sanders, University of Minnesota

11:35 -		"One system or two to handle regulars and exceptions? How
12:05		time-course of processing can inform this debate"
			Alan H. Kawamoto, UCSC

		"Kripke's paradox and the reality of psychogrammars"
			Barbara C. Scholz, University of Toledo

12:10 -		"Connectionist lexical semantics"
12:40			Hinrich Schutze, CSLI

		"A nonpsychological realist conception of grammatical rules"
			Michael Kac, University of Minnesota

Saturday Afternoon

2:00-2:45	"The validation of linguistic rules through quantitative
			William Labov, University of Pennsylvania

2:50 -		"Systematic hyperforeignisms as maximally external evidence
3:20		for linguistic rules"
			Neil G. Jacobs, Richard D. Janda & Brian D. Joseph
			Ohio State University

		"On the modality-independence of linguistic representations:
		implications for the acquisition of linguistic strucutre"
			Gerry T. M. Altmann & Zoltan Dienes
			Sussex University

3:25 -		"Interaction of vowel length and voicing in Dutch: the
3:55		role of underlying phonological representations"
			Allard Jongman, Joan Sereno, Marianne Raaijamkers &
			Aditi Lahiri, Cornell University

		"Do representations exist when they're not being processed?"
			Gregory O. Stone, Arizona State University

4:15 -		"Rules and strategies in De'Kwana"
4:45			Katherine Hall, St. Norbert College

		"Are regular forms really special"
			Virginia Marchman, UW-Madison
			Kim Plunkett, University of Oxford

4:50 -		"Stigmatization, hypercorrection & the status of rules in a
5:20		normatively oriented language community"
			Csaba Pleh, Indiana University
			Miklos Kontra, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
			Peter Bodor, Eotvos Loran University

		"Overgeneralization and recovery in network learning and
		language acquisition"
			Ping Li, UCSD & Catherine Harris, Boston University

5:25 -		"The reality of lexical phonology"
5:55			Gregory Guy, Stanford University

		"Some theoretical implications for individual differences in
		the presence of implicit negative evidence"
			Jeffrey L. Sokolov & Catherine E. Snow
			Harvard University

7:30 - 12:00 	Party

Sunday Morning

9:00 -		"Analogy: a non-rule alternative to neural networks"
10:00			Royal Skousen, Brigham Young University

9:00 -		"The phonological representation of stop place categories:
9:30		a brain-based phonetic approach with implications for
		linguistic rules"
			Harvey M. Sussman, University of Texas

9:30 -		"The psychological reality of articulatory linguistic
10:00		features"
			James J. Jenkins, Gwendolyn Campbell, & John S. Pruitt
			University of South Florida

10:15 -		"Productivity and the English past tense: a test of
10:45		Skousen's Analogy Model"
			Bruce L. Derwing, University of Alberta
			Royal Skousen, Brigham Young University

		"Current grammars vs. rule-driven guessing in children's
		interpretation of some complex sentence types"
			Helen Goodluck, University of Ottawa

10:50 -		"Exemplar-based reference to distributed linguistic
11:20		representations"
			Steve Chandler, University of Idaho

		"Processing constraints on grammar"
 			Nick Chater & Martin Pickering
			University of Edinburgh

11:25 -		"A schema theory for grammatical description"
11:55			Michael Barlow, Cal State University, San Marcos
			Suzanne Kemmer, UCSD

		"An acceptable ungrammatical construction"
			Nicholas Sobin, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

12:00 -		"The conflation of word senses with rules for their
12:30		contextual integration"
			Catherine Harris, Boston University

		"Taking syntactic rules seriously: six hypotheses"
			Arnold Zwicky
			Ohio State University & Stanford University


Recommended Hotels (mention UWM Symposium when registering, special
rates available through March 20):

	Astor Hotel, 924 East Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202
		Tel. (414) 271-4220	Single: $45/$50 Double: $53/$58
	Park East Hotel, 916 East State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202
		Tel. (414) 276-8800	Single: $45Double: $55

Travel Arrangements:

A special conference rate (5% below the lowest available discounted
fare, or 45% off full coach fare) has been established with the
following carrier for travel to and from Milwaukee between 7 and 15
April 1992:

	U. S. Air	Tel. (800) 334-8644 	(cite Gold File no. 39580000)

Registration Information:

Fee: $40 (students $25, UWM students free) before March 30; at-the-
door, $45 (non-UWM students, $30). To preregister, fill out a card
giving your name, address, and affiliation, and send along with your
check payable to "UWM Linguistics Symposium" to:

	Department of Linguistics
	University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
	P. O. Box 413
	Milwaukee, WI 53201

For further information, contact the Department of Linguistics at UWM:
	(414) 229-4285.

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