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Fri 13 Nov 1992

FYI: Mystery Language; Correction: Bergen Corpora List

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  1. Jason Johnston, Queries - identification of language
  2. Patrick John Coppock, Re: CORPORA booboo!!

Message 1: Queries - identification of language

Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1992 05:30:41 Queries - identification of language
From: Jason Johnston <>
Subject: Queries - identification of language

A few weeks ago I sought help in the identification of the language of a text
(a letter) which began _Mot Ron_.

Thank you to everyone who replied, with suggestions including Vlach, Limousin,
a hybrid French-Dutch dialect, an attempt to write a French-based African
creole, an artificial language, and others.

It seems the "mystery text" has us all stumped, as I haven't yet received
a positive identification, and the replies have petered off. If any more
info about it turns up in the future, I'll let the list know. (It also
remains unidentified at the New South Wales Ethnic Interpreting Service,
from which it was passed on to me.)

My bet is that we have stumbled on to the private language of the
international drug-smuggling cartels :-)

Jason Johnston
Dept of Linguistics, F12
University of Sydney NSW 2006

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Message 2: Re: CORPORA booboo!!

Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1992 12:30:46 Re: CORPORA booboo!!
From: Patrick John Coppock <>
Subject: Re: CORPORA booboo!!

it seems i made an unfortunate blunder in providing information about
the CORPORA list in Bergen Norway. i include therefore a note to me
from the list owner in Bergen, Knut Hofland.............

Here it comes....:

I read you message on Linguist concerning the Corpora list. But
you did not give the correct address to contact. The address for
administrative requests (addition, deletion etc.) is:

This is the usual naming for non-listserv lists. If the list
itself has a name like corpora.... then administrative mail
should be sent to corpora-request.....

For listserv lists the messages to a list are sent to
listname.... and adm. messages to listserv.... giving listname
as a parameter to the commands to listserv.

Best regards
Knut Hofland

hope my little (well-meant) message did not foul up the works too much.


patrick coppock
university of trondheim avh
n-7055 dragvoll
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