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Fri 31 Jan 1992

TOC: Lg Industry Monitor, Santa Barbara Papers, Comp Intelligence

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  1. Colin Brace, Publication of Interest
  2. Hongyin Tao, Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics (III)
  3. "T.Pattabhiraman", Publication ancmt: Computational Intelligence: spl issue on NLG

Message 1: Publication of Interest

Date: Fri, 24 Jan 92 14:27:53 +0Publication of Interest
From: Colin Brace <>
Subject: Publication of Interest



Language Industry Monitor is a bimonthly newsletter
which provides a readable and useful selection of news,
analysis, and background information on computer
technologies which have in common some form of natural
language processing. These technologies include speech
processing, handwriting recognition, computer-aided
writing, terminology management, and -- of course --
machine translation, the Holy Grail of the language

Language Industry Monitor offers a unique, inter-
disciplinary perspective because it addresses these
related technologies as a whole, placing them in
relation to each other and viewing them in the context
of broader technological, social, and political issues.

In a succinct and advertising-free twelve pages, the
Monitor reports on the companies, organizations, and
individuals active in this field of natural language
computing, one of the most fascinating segments of
information technology today. The Monitor includes
reports from Europe, North America, and the Far East,
with particular attention to applications that solve
problems posed by multilingual computing.

Now entering its second year, Language Industry Monitor
has covered such subjects as:

 The future of EUROTRA

 The UNICODE initiative

 The 3rd Machine Translation Summit

 Henry Kucera

 Arabic language technology in Tunis

 Cobuild's John Sinclair

 TEXTware's Gestorlex

 Microsoft's new NL Group

 Reuters' online content scanning

 IBM's LanguageAccess

 Lexical standards

 NLP research in Slovenia

Language Industry Monitor is compiled and edited by two
independent computer industry analysts specializing in
NLP, Colin Brace and Andrew Joscelyne, based,
respectively, in Amsterdam and Paris.

Send requests for subscriptions or additional
information about Language Industry Monitor, or send
news of relevent new products or research projects to
the attention of Colin Brace in Amsterdam:


 +31 20 6854300

 +31 20 6850462

 Language Industry Monitor
 Eerste Helmersstraat 183
 1054 DT Amsterdam
 The Netherlands

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Message 2: Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics (III)

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 92 13:59:24 PSSanta Barbara Papers in Linguistics (III)
From: Hongyin Tao <>
Subject: Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics (III)

 Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics, Volume 3, 1991 ($10)

 Asian Discourse and Grammar

 Patricia M. Clancy and Sandra A. Thompson


 Affect and Japanese conditionals

 Strategies for the assertion of obviousness and disagreement
 in Mandarin: A semantic study of the modal particle ME

 AKAN: the appearance and disappearance of a case-marking
 preposition in Classical Malay

Hyo Sang LEE
 The temporal system of noun-modifying (attributive) clauses
 in Korean from a typological perspective

Charles N. LI
 Language contact in China: Is Mandarin Chinese derived from
 a pidgin?

Patricia MAYES and Tsuyoshi ONO
 Social factors influencing reference in Japanese, with
 special emphasis on ANO HITO

Toshihide NAKAYAMA
 Grammaticization of viewpoint: A study of Japanese deictic
 supporting verbs

 Some remarks on the history of Chinese classifiers

 On the so-called 1st person pronoun Jibun

Ryoko SUZUKI and Yoshi ONO
 Japanese GA, spotlighting, and intransitive in spoken

Hongyin TAO
 NP coordination in Medieval Chinese: A discourse approach

Sandra A. THOMPSON and Hilary CHAPPELL
 The semantics and pragmatics of associative DE in Mandarin

 A study of speaker's objectivity in Japanese written text

Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics may be ordered from:
 Papers in Linguistics
 Linguistics Department
 University of California
 Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA
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Message 3: Publication ancmt: Computational Intelligence: spl issue on NLG

Date: 27 Jan 92 20:10 -0800
From: "T.Pattabhiraman" <>
Subject: Publication ancmt: Computational Intelligence: spl issue on NLG

	Special Issue on Natural Language Generation


	Guest Editors: 	T.Pattabhiraman and Nick Cercone
		Centre for Systems Science
		Simon Fraser University
		Burnaby B.C. CANADA V5A 1S6

	email enquiries to:

(Information on ordering copies given at the end of this announcement)

The COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE journal is bringing out Vol. 7, No. 4 (1991)
as a special issue on Natural Language Generation (NLG).
This special issue presents current perspectives in NLG research
on a wide range of problems such as syntactic realization, lexical choice,
generation of referring expressions, content planning, expressibility of
text plans, discourse structuring and explanation generation.
The articles contain results and analyses which are pertinent to
such practical applications as intelligent tutoring systems,
expert system explanation and automatic report generation.

The fifteen articles in this issue present new formalisms
and mechanisms for various aspects of NLG, and arguments for the explicit
representation of new knowledge sources. Moreover, the articles present
critical analyses of the strengths and limitations of techniques
which have been in vogue in the recent years in NLG (for example,
the use of schema and Rhetorical Structure Theory relations for
discourse structuring), and monitor current trends and their implications
for future developments. Such analyses are an essential component of
the current debate in NLG which this special issue seeks to capture.

The articles are also exemplars of the use of methodologies and adaptation of
bodies of knowledge from related disciplines such as linguistics and
psycholinguistics. The background summaries and overviews, provided by
the authors wherever appropriate, make the articles self-contained,
and enhance the accessibility of the ideas to the wide readership of

Contributing authors: S.Carberry, R.Dale, N.Haddock, E.Hovy, G.Kempen,
R.Kittredge, T.Korelsky, M.Maybury, K.McCoy, D.McDonald, K.McKeown,
M.Meteer, D.Mooney, J.Moore, C.Paris, O.Rambow, E.Reiter, Y.Schabes,
S.Shieber, F.Smadja, D.Suthers, K.Vijay-Shanker, G.Yang, I.Zukerman
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