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Mon 23 Nov 1992

Qs: CAI for the Deaf; Truetype IPA for Windows

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  1. , Query: CAI materials for the deaf
  2. Christian Guilbault, Re: 3.862 Software

Message 1: Query: CAI materials for the deaf

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1992 09:08 ESTQuery: CAI materials for the deaf
From: <>
Subject: Query: CAI materials for the deaf

A student and I are trying to locate computer materials designed
for helping deaf children learn to speak. Specifically, we would
like to find materials that would provide graphic feedback to
help children "shape" their articulatory attempts--in other words,
materials that would help children literally SEE how to pronounce
in the absence of acoustic feedback. Could anyone out there point
the way to such materials? If there are no such materials currently
available, do you know of anyone who is working to develop them?
Thanks in advance for any leads--and if there is interest I can
summarize for the net. Please send replies to
Thanks again! --Vance Truesdale, Clemson Univ.
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Message 2: Re: 3.862 Software

Date: Sat, 21 Nov 92 11:24:15 HNRe: 3.862 Software
From: Christian Guilbault <>
Subject: Re: 3.862 Software

This message is about phonetic fonts for IBM and compatibles computers.

Here, in the Linguistic department at Laval University, we are studying french-
canadian phonetic. But we just didn't find a suitable phonetic alphabet font t
hat we ould use with our HP Laser printer. We are looking maybe for a true type
 font using in Windows with Word Perfect or any other type of font that we coul
d use with Word Perfect in Dos.

I would like anyone that use such phonetic fonts to tell me what he or she is u
sing and where we could get that system.

Thanks to everybody.

 Christian Guilbault

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 Christian Guilbault
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