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Wed 02 Dec 1992

Sum: Diacritics

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Message 1: Diacritics: Summary

Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1992 11:24:02 +Diacritics: Summary
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Subject: Diacritics: Summary

I recently posted a query to the list about diacritics. This is a summary
of the responses I received.
Thanks to: Geoff Husic, Stavros Macrakis (citing also work by J. W. van
Wingen <> and Ed Hart of Johns Hopkins
University, <ISO10646JHUVM>), Jim Critz, and David Harnick-Shapiro for
It appears that diacritics are governed by ISO standards, the ones that
have been cited being: ISO 10646, ISO 6937. I have not checked these
myself at this stage.
The following bibliography was cited:
H. F. Wendt, Fischer Lexikon Sprachen, Frankfurt am Main, 1961 R. S.
Gilyarevskiy & V. S. Grivnin, Opredelitel' Yazikov Mira
po Pis'mennostyam, Moskwa, 1961
A. Nakanishi, Writing Systems of the World, Rutland, Vermont, 1980 Teach
Yourself books series
De spelling van de Nederlandse taal, den Haag, 1975 A Magyar Helyes/ir/as
Szab/alyai, Budapest, 1987
The Unicode Standard, Vol. 1, published by Addison-Wesley Publishers. If
your Computer Science Department or library do not have it, a local
technical bookstore should have it or be able to order it for you. (Vol. 2
deals with ideographic character sets.)
Finally, reference was made to:
ALA_LC Romanization tables, which gives tranliterations for non-Roman
script languages and therefore necessarily discusses diacritics.
Laurie Bauer
Wellington, New Zealand
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