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Confs: GLOW, Time in Geographic Space

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Message 1: Error in fax-number for Glow abstracts

Date: Thu, 26 Nov 92 09:14 +0100Error in fax-number for Glow abstracts
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Subject: Error in fax-number for Glow abstracts

Please notice:
There is an error with respect to the fax-number for GLOW abstracts.
Those who want to submit an abstract by fax, please use the following
fax-number: +46-46-104241.

Christer Platzack
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Message 2: Time in Geographic Space

Date: Thu, 3 Dec 92 20:13 EDT
From: "Max J. Egenhofer" <>
Subject: Time in Geographic Space

Call for Papers / Call for Participation

Time in Geographic Space
Lake Arrowhead, California, May 8-11, 1993

Specialist Meeting of the NCGIA Research Initiative 10

The National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
(NCGIA) will hold a Specialist Meeting for Initiative 10 on
"Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in GIS" at the UCLA Conference
Center at Lake Arrowhead, CA May 8-11, 1993. This meeting
follows the workshop on "Temporal Relations in Geographic
Information Systems" held in Orono (January 1990) and a joint
seminar with European researchers on "Methods of Spatio-
Temporal Reasoning in GIS" held in San Miniato, Italy
(September 1992), which served as a forum to assess the
state-of-the-art in reasoning about geographic space and time
and started a dialog among different disciplines involved in
space-time reasoning. The goal of the Specialist Meeting is
to identify and prioritize research needs in this area and to
specify an appropriate agenda for undertaking the research
over the next two years. The structure of the meeting will be
a combination of small-group discussions about specific
questions, and plenary sessions to identify the major
directions. Participants will have the exciting opportunity
to make active contributions to this process. Support for
lodging and travel to and from the meeting may be available
to participants selected to attend.

The Specialist Meeting will bring together about 30
researchers from areas that are concerned with temporal
changes in geographic space. We want to attract researchers
from as broad an audience as possible. Areas of particular
interest include, but are not limited to, Geography,
Cartography, Engineering, Computer Science (primarily
databases, artificial intelligence, and user interfaces),
Mathematics (primarily logic and topology), Environmental and
Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, Linguistics,
Anthropology, History, Archaeology, Geology, and Climatology.
The Initiative's steering committee will select the majority
of the participants for the Specialist Meeting based on the
submission of extended abstracts; additional key participants
may be invited to address topics not adequately covered by
the papers selected from among submitted abstracts.

Topics of Interest

Submissions of papers presenting original research, surveys,
or position statements on all aspects of "Time in Geographic
Space" are invited. Particular emphasis should be put on
time, change, motion, or process. Topics of special relevance

* Dependencies between time and geographic space.
* Scales of time in geographic space.
* Differences between temporal reasoning in small-scale and
 large-scale space.
* Temporal reasoning primitives such as change, motion, and
* Spatial processes in the temporal domain.
* Linguistic means to communicate change in geographic
* Formalizations of human reasoning processes about
 time/change/process in geographic space.
* Dealing with incomplete and imprecise temporal and spatio-
 temporal information.
* Applications describing specific properties of dealing
 with time in geographic space.
* Cultural differences in spatio-temporal reasoning.

Papers that address only geographic space without paying
consideration to temporal changes will be given low priority,
as will papers that focus on spatio-temporal statistics and
space-time series analysis, which are subjects of a separate
NCGIA initiative.

Paper Submissions

Please submit 5 copies of an extended abstract of at least
2,000 words (8 double-spaced pages) to the Specialist Meeting
coordinator by February 1, 1993. The abstract must provide
sufficient detail to allow the Steering Committee to assess
the contributions. It must include comparisons with previous
work and appropriate references to the pertinent literature.
Authors should also include a biographical sketch (1/2 page).
All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least three members of
the Steering Committee. Authors of accepted papers will have
to provide a revised version based on the reviewers' comments
to be distributed prior to the workshop and published in the
widely distributed NCGIA Technical Report series. An edited
volume of extended versions of selected papers of special
merit is planned to be published after the Specialist Meeting.

Important Dates:

Deadline for submissions of detailed abstracts: Feb. 1, 1993
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 1993
Revised papers due: April 15, 1993
Specialist meeting: May 8-11, 1993

Specialist Meeting Coordinator:

Max J. Egenhofer
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Boardman Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5711
tel.: (207) 581-2114
FAX: (207) 581-2206

Initiative Co-Leaders:

Max J. Egenhofer, University of Maine
Reginald G. Golledge, University of California Santa Barbara
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