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Fri 04 Dec 1992

FYI: Thanks; Renumbering; Icelandic

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  1. "M. David Greenspon", Thanks for "middle" info
  2. David Denison, ReNUMbering
  3. Thorsteinn G. Indridason, New Publication (Icelandic) (fwd)

Message 1: Thanks for "middle" info

Date: Thu, 03 Dec 92 22:53:15 ESThanks for "middle" info
From: "M. David Greenspon" <GREMICFYALEVM.bitnet>
Subject: Thanks for "middle" info

I have gotten a tremendous response to my query for information about the
"middle" construction. (In the first twelve hours or so after my letter
appeared, I received 23 replies!) They're still coming in. I've read them
all, but I won't get a chance to reply to each one individually for several
days--so for now I want to say a quick thank you to everyone. Someone pointed
out that I hadn't given a snail-mail address, so here it is:

Department of Linguistics
Box 1504A Yale Station
New Haven, CT 06520

Again, thanks!

--David Greenspon (GREMICFYALEVM /
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Message 2: ReNUMbering

Date: Tue, 01 Dec 92 10:31:14 GMReNUMbering
From: David Denison <MFCEPDDCMS.MCC.AC.UK>
Subject: ReNUMbering

Will the list editors allow me to respond over LINGUIST to Josep M Fontana's
recent query? Just to say that my NUM program works fine with WordPerfect
5.1 files in their ordinary WP format, deals correctly with graphics, and in
fact is used with WordPerfect by the majority of the users in 12 countries.
And I think it's just what linguists need - but then I would say that,
wouldn't I? Further info gladly sent on request.
 David Denison
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Message 3: New Publication (Icelandic) (fwd)

Date: Wed, 2 Dec 92 13:53:52 GMTNew Publication (Icelandic) (fwd)
From: Thorsteinn G. Indridason <>
Subject: New Publication (Icelandic) (fwd)


Halldor Armann Sigurdsson: Verbal Syntax and Case in Icelandic
 in a Comparative GB Approach

The Institute of Linguistics at the University of Iceland has reprinted a
limited number of copies of Halldor Sigurdsson's dissertation, Verbal Syntax
and Case in Icelandic (first printing 1989, University of Lund).

The major topic dealt with in Sigurdsson's dissertation is Case-marking and
its interaction with syntactic structure (X-bar theory), Verb Raising, and
argument structure. Subtopics that are thoroughly discussed include Verb-raising
in infinitives, exceptional Case-marking, long distance Case-marking, quirky
subjects and Case-marked PRO. The dissertation contains an unusual wealth of
data that raise theoretical problems of general interest and bear on a broad
range of phenomena in Icelandic and comparative Germanic syntax.


1. The sentence structure in V2 Germanic
2. Verb Fronting, Case and government
3. Infinitivals
4. Case percolation
5. Nonlexical NPs and Case
6. Promotion, theta-selection and Case

Those who are interested can order copy through e-mail: og
surface mail:

 Institute of Linguistics
 University of Iceland
 Arnagardur /Sudurgotu
 101 Reykjavik

The price is USD 36.
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