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Thu 10 Dec 1992

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  1. , Functions of Language (call for papers)

Message 1: Functions of Language (call for papers)

Date: Tue, 8 Dec 92 12:58:41 +01Functions of Language (call for papers)
From: <noelBANRUC60.bitnet>
Subject: Functions of Language (call for papers)


The John Benjamins Publishing Company is starting a new
international journal of linguistics called FUNCTIONS OF

FUNCTIONS OF LANGUAGE will explore the functional approach
to the study of the language system and of texts-in-context.
With reference to the functional and semiotic foundations
of modern linguistics it will hold up for discussion
theoretical issues and areas of linguistic description
relevant to the linguistic community at large such as:

* intrinsic versus extrinsic functionalism
* the interaction between the paradigmatic and syntagmatic
organization of the linguistic system
* the relation between semantics,lexicogrammar and phonology
* universality versus culture-specificity of linguistic
* linguistic categorization
* the relation between discourse and grammar
* dynamic and synoptic perspectives on text and sentence
* texture and structure of text
* the semantic import of grammatical categories
* the message structure of linguistic units
* mood and transitivity
* the relation between lexis and grammar
* metaphorical processes in lexis and grammar
* dialectal and register variation
* the quantitative study of system and text

FUNCTIONS OF LANGUAGE will also promote the constructive
interaction between theoretical and descriptive findings
and applied research in such fields as educational and
clinical linguistics, stylistics, translation studies,
artificial intelligence, and communication studies.

Consulting Editor: M. A. K. Halliday


Kristin DAVIDSE (University of Leuven)
Dirk NOEL (University of Antwerp)
Anne-Marie SIMON-VANDENBERGEN (University of Ghent)

Editorial Board:

Margaret Berry (Nottingham), John W. Du Bois (Santa Barbara)
Jan Firbas (Brno), James R. Martin (Sydney)
Stanley Starosta (Hawaii), Eija Ventola (Helsinki)

Advisory Board:

John Bateman (GMD, Darmstadt),
James Benson (York University, Toronto)
Christopher Butler (Nottingham),
Frances Christie (Northern Territory University)
Peter Collins (New South Wales),
Frantisek Danes (Prague)
Eirian Davies (RHBNC, University of London),
Martin Davies (Stirling)
Robin Fawcett (University of Wales College of Cardiff)
Peter Fries (Central Michigan University),
Gordon Fulton (Victoria)
William Greaves (York University, Toronto)
Michael Gregory (York University, Toronto),
Ruqaiya Hasan (Macquarie University),
Hilary Hillier (Nottingham),
Yoshihiko Ikegami (Tokyo)
Daniel Kies (College of DuPage)
Robert S. Kirsner (UCLA),
Ronald W. Langacker (San Diego)
Adrienne Lehrer (Arizona),
Jay Lemke (CUNY)
Christian Matthiessen (Sydney),
William McGregor (Melbourne)
Jan Nuyts (Antwerp),
Fred C. C. Peng (ICU, Tokyo)
Louise Ravelli (Wollongong),
Erich Steiner (Universit
t des Saarlandes)
John R. Taylor (University of the Witwatersrand)
Terry Threadgold (Monash University),
Michael Toolan (University of Washington)
Amy Tsui (Hong Kong),
Anna Wierzbicka (Australian National University)
Fang Yan (Tsinghua University)

All correspondence about contributions should be sent
to one of the following addresses:

Kristin DAVIDSE,
Dept. of Linguistics,
University of Leuven,
Blijde-Inkomst straat 21,
B-3000 LEUVEN,
Tel.: +32 16 284811
Fax: +32 16 285025

Dirk NOEL,
School of Translation and Interpreting (HIVT),
University of Antwerp,
Schildersstraat 41,
B-2000 Antwerpen,
Tel.: +32 3 2169823
Fax: +32 3 2481907
E-mail: noelbanruc60.bitnet

Dept. of English Language,
University of Ghent,
Rozier 44,
B-9000 GENT,
Tel.: +32 91 643787
Fax: +32 91 644195
E-mail: vdbergen engllang.rug.AC.BE
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