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Wed 16 Dec 1993


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  1. Chicago Linguistic Society, CLS 29 Official Call for Papers
  2. AHARRIS - Alan Harris, Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA

Message 1: CLS 29 Official Call for Papers

Date: Tue, 15 Dec 92 14:46:40 CSCLS 29 Official Call for Papers
From: Chicago Linguistic Society <>
Subject: CLS 29 Official Call for Papers


 of the
 April 22-24, 1993

 General Session April 22-23
 We invite original, unpublished work on any topic of
 general linguistic interest.

 Invited Speaker
 Hans Heinrich Hock, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 Parasession April 23-24
 "What We Think, What We Mean, and How We Say It:
 The Role of Conceptual Representation in Language"

We invite original unpublished work on the relationship between conceptual,
(and/or semantic) representations and grammar. Among the questions which
could be addressed are:

Can/should the study of language encompass the study of conceptual
representation? Is conceptual representation distinct from semantics?
Can the same types of structures and primitives be used for conceptual/
semantic representation and more concrete levels (syntax, morphology,
phonology)? If not, what is the relation between conceptual/semantic
categories and syntactic/morphological ones? Where should such matters
as scope relations and thematic roles be dealt with? Does any level
wholly or partially determine the nature of the others (e.g. in a Whorfian
sense)? What role does iconicity play in language? What kind of evidence
(linguistic, psycholinguistic, anthropological, acquisitional, etc.) is
there which bears on any of the above questions?

 Invited Speakers
 George Lakoff, University of California, Berkeley
 David Dowty, Ohio State University
 Michael Silverstein, University of Chicago
 Lawrence Barsalou, University of Chicago
 Lila Gleitman, University of Pennsylvania

 ABSTRACTS (for either general or parasession):
Please submit ten copies of a one-page, 500-word, anonymous abstract (for a
25-minute paper), along with a 3x5" card with your name, address, phone
number, e-mail address, title of paper, and indication of whether the paper is
intended for the main session or the parasession. The abstract should clearly
indicate the data covered, outline the arguments presented, and include any
broader implications of the work. If necessary, append a page of data and/or
references. An individual may present at most one single and one co-authored


Send Abstracts To: For more information, or
Chicago Linguistic Society to get on our e-mail list:
1010 E. 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637 (312) 702-8529
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Message 2: Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA

Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1992 19:23:07 Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA
From: AHARRIS - Alan Harris <VCSPC005VAX.CSUN.EDU>
Subject: Call for papers/extended abstracts/proposals:SEMCOM/SCA

please post:

The Commission on Semiotics and Communication of the Speech Communication
Association (SEMCOM/SCA) invites completed papers, detailed abstracts, and
proposals for program sessions for the next national meeting of the SCA in
Miami, Florida, 18-21, November, 1993. All should relate to issues concerning
semiotics and human communication. The Commission welcomes both theoretical
and applied work. Of particular interest are papers, extended abstracts, and
proposals which examine the relation between semiotics and other areas of
study in the communication discipline. Submitted papers and detailed abstracts
should include a separate title page with a 50-75 word abstract and author
identification. No other references to the author should appear in the paper
or detailed abstract. Program proposals should include a title, statement of
purpose, rationale, names of particpants, with addresses and affiliations, and
a 50-75 word abstract for each paper. Send five (5) copies of paper,
abstract, or proposal to Program Coordinator, Professor Jacqueline Martinez,
History and Society Division, Babson College, Babson Park, MA 02157-0310. For
additonal information or questions, contact Jackie Martinez (MartinezBabson.
bitnet) or 617-239-5570. Direct all other inquiries or submit addresses for
our mailing list to Commission Chair, Professor Alan Harris, SPCH, CSUN,
Northridge, CA 91330 (AHARRISVAX.CSUN.EDU). Submissions MUST be received
by February 15, 1993.
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