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Mon 29 Nov 1993

All: New Book Available for Discussion: Ling. & Philosophy

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Additional information on the following books, as well as a short backlist of the publisher's titles, may be available from the Listserv for some of the publishers listed here. To get this information, simply send a message to: (Internet) or Listservtamvm1 (Bitnet) The message should consist of the single line: get publishername lst linguist For example, to get more information on a book published by Mouton de Gruyter, send the message: get mouton lst linguist At the moment, the following lists are available: benjamin lst (John Benjamin) erlbaum lst (Lawrence Erlbaum) kluwer lst (Kluwer Academic Publishers) mouton lst (Mouton de Gruyter) oup lst (Oxford University Press) sil lst (Summer Institute of Linguistics) ucp lst (University of Chicago Press) uma-glsa lst (U. of Massachusetts Graduate Linguistics Association)


  1. I, New Book Available for Discussion: Ling. & Philosophy

Message 1: New Book Available for Discussion: Ling. & Philosophy

Date: Mon 29 Nov 1993
From: I <>
Subject: New Book Available for Discussion: Ling. & Philosophy
Once again, we are posting notices of new books and/or
software which are available for discussion. If you would like
to lead a discussion on one of the available works, you should contact
Barbara Johnstone to receive the review copy (address & details
below). We expect that commentary will be informal and interactive.

Since the book discussions are relatively new, we'll repeat at the
end of this message the previously-posted details of the book
discussion procedure.

Anthony & Helen

------------------------- Note --------------------

THE VIEW FROM BUILDING 20: Essays in Linguistics in Honor of Sylvain
 Bromberger, ed. K. Hale and S. J. Keyser. Current Studies in
 Linguistics, No. 24. 296 pg. ISBN 0-262-58124-8 (paper) $18.95.
 ISBN 0-262-08223-3 (cloth) $39.95. MIT Press. Phone:
 (800) 356-0343 or (617) 625-8569.
Seven original essays in tribute to MIT Philosophy Prof. Sylvain Bromberger.
Each essay is informed by Bromberger's ongoing inquiry into how we "come
to know that there are things in the world that we don't know." Included in
the collection is the edited version of Noam Chomsky's minimalist paper.


Procedures for book discussions:

1. Publishers who wish their book discussed in the Discussion
 Forum will send a copy of the book to:

 Prof. Barbara Johnstone
 Dept. of English
 Texas A&M University
 College Station, TX 77843

 They will then send LINGUIST a new book notice in the usual form,
 mentioning that they have sent us the work. We will publish this
 under the heading "Available for discussion" in one of our "New
 Books" issues.

2. If you wish to lead the discussion on such a work, you will have
 to contact Prof. Johnstone at:
 A copy of the work will be sent to you. And you, in return,
 must agree to post to Prof. Johnstone your opening
 statement and/or summary judgment about the work BEFORE
 it is posted to the net. We ask this because, even though
 these discussions are intended to be informal, we'd like them
 to be as balanced and thoughtful as possible.

3. When you have posted your summary, the work will be considered open
 to discussion. Any subscriber--including the authors of the work
 in question--may now comment on the work and on the summary.
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