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Mon 29 Nov 1993

Books: Second lang. acquisition, computers in ling.

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  1. I, Second lang. acquisition, computers in ling.

Message 1: Second lang. acquisition, computers in ling.

Date: Mon 29 Nov 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Second lang. acquisition, computers in ling.


GASS, Susan (Michigan State University, East Lansing),
 SELINKER, Larry (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
 0-8058-0493-5 [cloth] $79.95; 0-8058-0494-3 [cloth] $34.50; 368pp.
 This authored text was crafted to present the field of second
 language acquisition in an introductory fashion without sacrificing
 its richness or complexity. It will be useful in courses in psychology,
 linguistics, and education. Email:


Fox, Barbara A. (University of Colorado, Boulder); The Human Tutorial Dialogue
 Project: Issues in the Design of Instructional Systems; 0-8058-08264
 [cloth] $32.50, 0-8058-1072-2 [paper] $16.50; 144pp. Erlbaum.
This authored book documents the dialogue processes in naturally occurring
human tutoring, in the context of informing the design of intelligent tutoring
systems, and of interactive systems in general.
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