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Mon 29 Nov 1993

Books: Historical linguistics

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  1. I, Historical linguistics

Message 1: Historical linguistics

Date: Mon 29 Nov 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Historical linguistics


Aertsen, Henk & Robert J. Jeffers (eds.) HISTORICAL LINGUISTICS 1989.
Papers from the 9th International Conference on Historical Linguistics,
Rutgers University, 14-18 August 1989.
 John Benjamins 1993 xvii, 538 pp. Historical Linguistics
 Cloth US:1 55619 560 5/EUR:90 272 3608 9 US$110.00/Hfl. ,--

Van Marle, Jaap (ed.) HISTORICAL LINGUISTICS 1991. Papers from the
10th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Amsterdam,
August 12- 16 1991.
 John Benjamins 1993 xvii, 395 pp. Historical Linguistics
 Cloth US:1 55619 561 3/EUR:90 272 3609 7 US$90.00/Hfl. ,--

 John Benjamins 1993 x, 270pp.+index Linguistic Theory, Historical
 Cloth US:1 55619 416 1/EUR:90 272 2913 9 US$60.00/Hfl. ,--
 Paper US:1 55619 417 X/EUR:90 272 2914 7 US$24.95/Hfl. ,--
Contains cross-language descriptions and analyses which illustrate the
true range of serial verb constructions as well as the linguistic
structures which evolve from serial constructions.
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