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Tue 30 Nov 1993

Qs: The origin of Case systems, Mahou

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  1. Bill Griffiths, Origin of case systems
  2. , Mahou

Message 1: Origin of case systems

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 93 16:00:12 CSOrigin of case systems
From: Bill Griffiths <WJGRIFFUKANVM.bitnet>
Subject: Origin of case systems

I am, posting this query on behalf of a collegue, but I find the query itself
very interesting. Has there been work done on the origin of case systems in
languages? I am interested in both speculative and emprical work--for example,
are there examples of language change from analytic to synthetic structure?
The change from synthetic to analytic has numerous attestations. I would be
interested in any thoughts or references on the subject. Thank you in advance.
 You may reply to me personally at:

Bill Griffiths
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Message 2: Mahou

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 12:19:22 Mahou
From: <>
Subject: Mahou

I would like to find a copy of a paper by Moussa Bamba entitled "La
structure de Base en Mahou", dated 1982, cited as a manuscript at
UQAM. The paper is cited in H. Koopman's 1983 book <<The syntax of

Does anyone out there have a copy of this paper or know where I could
get one? (Or any other papers by M. Bamba on the syntax of this

(Mahou is a northern Mande language spoken in Ivory Coast.)

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