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Mon 06 Dec 1993

Sum: Albanian instruction in U.S., Native Languages of Canada

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  1. "Robert D. Rachlin", Summary: University Albanian Instruction
  2. Ron Smyth, Acquisition of native lgs.

Message 1: Summary: University Albanian Instruction

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1993 09:07:02 -0500 (EST)
From: "Robert D. Rachlin" <>
Subject: Summary: University Albanian Instruction

 Several people were kind enough to respond to my inquiry
about the availability of Albanian instruction in U.S. and
Canadian colleges and universities, among them,
Brad Coon, Stavros Macrakis, Barbara Need, Craig Melchert, Dave
Kathman, Michael Kac, and Claudia Brugman.

 The modal response identified the University of Chicago
(coincidentally my law school alma mater). At the U. of C.
Albanian is taught on a moreor less regular basis by Kostas
Kazazis in the Linguistics Department. Craig Melchert pointed out
that the latest LSA Directory of Linguistics Programs lists the
University of California at San Diego (Leonard Newmark),

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (instructor unclear),
Northeastern Illinois University (Gary Bevington) and a the
University of North Carolina, which I understand is no longer
correct. Evidently Professor Victor Friedman, formerly of UNC ,
is now at the University of Chicago.

 This inquiry was made on behalf of an English teacher from
Albania who recently arrived in the U.S. and has brought her
family while she takes the master's program (along with my wife)
in TESL at St. Michael's College,Winooski, Vermont. She hopes to
remain in the U.S., and one option is an instructorship or
lectureship in Albanian at the university level.

 Thanks very much.

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Message 2: Acquisition of native lgs.

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 93 15:20:20 EST
From: Ron Smyth <>
Subject: Acquisition of native lgs.

Recently I asked subscribers for references on the acquisition of native
 languages of
Canada. Thanks to Shanley Allen, Victor Golla, Lynne Hewitt, Kumiko Murasugi,
David Parkinson, and Dean Mellow (I hope I've mentioned all of the respondents)
the following:

1. Allen, S. E. M. 1989. Acquisition of noun incorporation in Inuktitut.
Papers and Reports on Child Language Development 28: 49-56.

2. Allen, S. E. M. 1989. Preschool language acquisition of Inuktitut: a case
study of one Inuk boy. Proceedings of the 2nd National Student Conference
on Northern Studies, 159-167.

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Inuktitut. _PRCLD_ 28. 49-56.

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Inuktitut Children. Doctoral dissertation, McGill University.

5. Crago , Martha & Alice Eriks-Brophy, "Culture, Conversation, and
Implications for Intervention". In J. Duchan, L. Hewitt, & R. Sonnenmeier,
Eds. (1994), Pragmatics: From Theory to Practice. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.:
Prentice Hall, pp. 43-58.

6. Crago Martha, & Cole, E. (1991). Using ethnography to bring children's
communicative and cultural worlds into focus. In T. Gallagher (Ed.),
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Greenlandic. In: D. I. Slobin (ed.), The Crosslinguistic Study of Language
Acquisition. Volume 3. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

9. Fortescue , Michael . Learning to speak Greenlandic: a case study of a two-
year-old's morphology in a polysynthetic language", in First Language
5, 101-114.

10. Mellow, Dean. 1989. On Triggers: A Parameter-Setting Approach to the
Acquisition of Cree, a Free Word Order Language. McGill Working Papers
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11. Mithun, Marianne. 1989. The Acquisition of Polysynthesis. _Journal of Child
Language_ 16(2). 285-312.

12. Upper, Mary. A study of Oji-Cree done at the Ontario Institute for Studies
in Education.
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