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Thu 09 Dec 1993

Qs: G. Lakoff, F. Choate, IPA font, French word list

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  1. james ross, George Lakoff
  2. Vladimir Rykov, CALL FOR HELP
  3. , IPA font for IBM?
  4. Stephanie Bohnerth, Q: Large list of French words

Message 1: George Lakoff

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 93 20:55:35 -05George Lakoff
From: james ross <>
Subject: George Lakoff

 I am currently studying the relationship between my students'
conceptual framework of heat, and the metaphors that students use
in their everyday speech about heat and related phenomena. It is
my belief that the "image schemata" and the "Idealized Cognitive
Models" used by George Lakoff to account for metaphors may also
account for the conceptual structure of naive theories of heat
among students. These folk theories of heat (as well as many other
phenomena studied in science courses) appear to occur in similar
forms all over the globe, and they are very resistant to
 The most interesting account of metaphors, and the one that
led me in this direction, is George Lakoff's book, "Women, Fire,
and Dangerous Things". But I have some questions.
 First: I am an utter amateur in language studies, and while
the idea of metaphor proposed by Lakoff is convincing to me, I do
not know if it is anything like a sound theory of metaphors among
linguists. Could you help me out with this? Are there any
articles, books, or persons you could recommend who could give me
either supporting or critical arguments about the validity of
Lakoff's ideas?
 Second: How can I contact George Lakoff? I have searched
several databases, and found nothing. Is he still pursuing this
line of thinking?

 Thank you for all of your help.

 Jim Ross
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Message 2: CALL FOR HELP

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 93 01:48:47 +0CALL FOR HELP
From: Vladimir Rykov <>

 Please - does anybody knows e-mail address of a Californian Slavist
 Fred Choate - or can help to find him other way ?
 Thank you Vladimir RYKOV
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Message 3: IPA font for IBM?

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 23:51:46 -IPA font for IBM?
Subject: IPA font for IBM?

 For any of you who thought this was an announcement of the existence of
an IPA font for IBM users, I apologize. I have recently switched from using a
Macintosh, which was innately endowed with an IPA font, to using an IBM
compatible computer. I am primarily using AmiPro (if that matters), a Windows
based word processing program. It seems that there must be an IPA font out
there. It can't be that all the linguists in the world are using Macintoshes.
If anyone has any useful information, or even any wild suggestions (no, I will
not switch back for the sake of one font) I would be grateful.

 Gene Vachon - University of New Hampshire
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Message 4: Q: Large list of French words

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1993 17:51:55 +Q: Large list of French words
From: Stephanie Bohnerth <>
Subject: Q: Large list of French words

A colleague of mine at the Department
of Romance Languages is looking for a
large list of French word.
This list is supposed to serve as basis
for research in the field of phonetics.
It would be useful (but not necessary)
to have additional information on pronounciation
etymology and grammatical categories.

Thank you very much in advance,

Please contact:

P. Wandel, M.A.
Dr. St. Bohnerth
Universitaet d. Saarlandes
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