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Tue 16 Feb 1993

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  1. Helen Dry, LINGUIST Development Fund (update)

Message 1: LINGUIST Development Fund (update)

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 93 15:08:30 -0LINGUIST Development Fund (update)
From: Helen Dry <>
Subject: LINGUIST Development Fund (update)

The LINGUIST Development Fund has reached $2058.00, thanks to the
generosity of the people listed below. So, once again, we want to
extend sincere thanks to those of you who have contributed.

Contributions should be sent to:

 The EMU LINGUIST Development Fund
 c/o Dept. of English Language and Lit
 Eastern Michigan U.
 Ypsilanti, MI 48197

They are tax deductible; and we will send you a written receipt upon

We're confident now that we'll be able to fund at least 1 fellowship--
2 if we wait and award them next year. So we hope we can make LINGUIST
more efficient for you, in return for your generosity.

--Helen & Anthony


 Supporters (under $50)

Barbara Abbott
Mark Aronoff
Maher M. Awad
Robert Beard
Elabbas Benmamoun
Donna Halperin Biasca
Wayles Browne
Joseph Brown
Rosemary Buck
Alan Cienki
Linda K. Coleman
Bernard Comrie
Donna Cromer
E. Dean Detrich
Stanley Dubinsky
Julia Falk
Susan Fischer
Michael Flynn
Lawrence Foley
Donald Frantz
John Gilbert
Frank Gladney
W. T. Gordon
Alan C. Harris
James Harris
George & Mary Huttar
Frances Ingemann
Yoshiko Ito
Jeff Kaplan
Peter Ladefoged
John Limber
Tim Montler
Pam Munro & Allen Munro
Geoff Nathan
Barbara Partee
Susan Pintzuk
Makoto Shimizu
Marian & Lloyd Shapley
Shigeru Tsuchida
Samuel Wang
Rebecca Wheeler
Ronnie B. Wilbur
Maggie Winter

 Supporters' ($50 - $100)

Karen Jensen
Donna Peterson (w/ matching funds from Microsoft)
Joe Salmons & Monica Macaulay

 Supporters" ($100 or over)

Vicki Fromkin
Arnold Zwicky
MOUTON de GRUYTER (via Marie-Louise Liebe-Harkort)
JOHN BENJAMINS (via Paul Peranteau)


And by the way . . . .
 Dick Hudson writes:

>Thanks for the explanation of what we are the largest list in relation
>to (if you can cope with my syntax). I think other subscribers would be
>interested to see it too - why not post it? It's morale-boosting to feel
>that one's a bitcial, even if it's only by subscribing to something
>which is the biggest of its kind because there are thousands of other
>people with similar interests. Does it tell us anything interesting about
>the nature of linguistics, I wonder?

>Dick Hudson
>Dept of Phonetics and Linguistics,
>University College London,

We think Dick has a good point--so let us (modestly) report that
LINGUIST is now the largest academic net in the world, and the
5th largest of the over 2900 Listserv lists. At last count, we
had over 3100 subscribers.

So what DOES that say about linguistics?

-Helen & Anthony
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