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  1. Ken Rose, L1/L2 texts

Message 1: L1/L2 texts

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 11:49:39 +L1/L2 texts
From: Ken Rose <kroseCTSC.HKBC.HK>
Subject: L1/L2 texts

A few weeks back, I sent out a posting concerning texts for
two courses (one undergraduate, the other graduate) that
cover L1 acquisition, L2 acquisition, and bilingualism. I
was surprised to hear that a number of people teach similar
courses, but not surprised to hear that none have yet to
find sufficient coverage in one book.

Almost as many people asked for a summary as sent
suggestions, so . . .

I refrain from making any judgments concerning the texts
below, and inclusion on this list is not equivalent to an
endorsement. Note also the lack of comprehensiveness in
the L2 category. In my posting I did not ask for
suggestions on L2 texts, but was interested in texts that
covered all three areas mentioned above and L1 texts.

Anyway . . .

It seems to me that there are obviously three distinct
categories here: L1 texts, L2 texts, and texts on
bilingualism. Some in the first two categories overlap
slightly with other categories, but not enough to
provide sufficient coverage on all three.

Here are the suggestions I received:

Foster, S. 1990. The communicative competence of young
 children. Longman.
Goodluck, H. 1991. Language acquisition. Blackwell.
Lindfors, J. 1991. Children's language and learning, 2nd
 ed. Allyn & Bacon.
Piper, T. 1993. Language for all our children. Macmillan.

Brown, D. 1986. Principles of language learning and
 teaching, 2nd ed. Prentice Hall.
Ellis, R. 1986. Understanding second language acquisition.
 Oxford University Press.
Gass, S, & Selinker, L. 1994. Second language acquisition:
 An introductory course. Lawrence Erlbaum.
Larsen-Freeman, D., & Long, M. 1991. An introduction to
 second language acquisition research. Longman.
Lightbown, P., & Spada, N. 1993. How languages are learned.
 Oxford University Press.

Hamers, J., & Blanc, M. 1989. Bilinguality and
 bilingualism. Cambridge University Press.

No one mentioned the texts below, but they should be
included in this sort of summary.

Fletcher, P., & Garman, M., eds. 1986. Language
 acquisition, 2nd ed. Cambridge University Press.
Hoffman, C. 1991. An introduction to bilingualism. Longman.
Hyltenstam, K., & Obler, L. 1989. Bilingualism across the
 lifespan. Cambridge University Press.
Ingram, D. 1989. First language acquisition. Cambridge
 University Press.
Menyuk, P. 1988. Language development. Scott, Foresman.
Romaine, S. 1989. Bilingualism. Blackwell.
Slobin, D., ed. 1986. The crosslinguistic study of language
 acquisition, vols. 1 & 2. Lawrence Erlbaum.
Slosberg-Andersen, E. 1990. Speaking with style: The
 sociolinguistic skills of young children. Routledge.

If I left out anyone's suggestions, I apologize. Please
feel free to amend the list. And if anyone missed the
first posting and has some good suggestions on texts that
cover L1 acquisition, L2 acquisition, and bilingualism, I'd
still appreciate hearing from them.


Ken Rose
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