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Calls: AAAI-94 Workshop

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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 93 18:02:28 GMT
From: Paul Mc Kevitt <>
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 Advance Announcement


 AAAI-94 Workshop on the
 Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing

 Twelfth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-94)
 Seattle, Washington, USA

 2 days during July 31st-August 4th 1994

 Paul Mc Kevitt
 Department of Computer Science
 University of Sheffield


There has been a recent move towards considering the integration of
perception sources in Artificial Intelligence (AI) (see Dennett 1991
and Mc Kevitt (Guest Ed.) 1994). This workshop will focus on research
involved in the integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and
Vision Processing (VP).

Although there has been much progress in developing theories, models
and systems in the areas of NLP and VP there has been little progress
on integrating these two subareas of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is not clear why there has not already been much activity in
integrating NLP and VP. Is it because of the long-time reductionist
trend in science up until the recent emphasis on chaos theory,
non-linear systems, and emergent behaviour? Or, is it because the
people who have tended to work on NLP tend to be in other Departments,
or of a different ilk, to those who have worked on VP?

We believe it is high time to bring together NLP and VP. Already we
have advertised a call for papers for a special issue of the Journal
of AI Review to focus on the integration of NLP and VP and we have had
a tremendous response. There will be three special issues focussing
on theory and applications of NLP and VP. Also, there will be an issue
focussing on intelligent multimedia systems.

The workshop is of particular interest at this time because research
in NLP and VP have advanced to the stage that they can each benefit
from integrated approaches. Also, such integration is important as
people in NLP and VP can gain insight from each others' work.


Dennett, Daniel (1991)
Consciousness explained
Harmondsworth: Penguin

Mc Kevitt, Paul (1994) (Guest Editor)
Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing
Special Volume (Issues 1,2,3) of AI Review Journal
Dordrecht: Kluwer (forthcoming)


The workshop will focus on three themes:

* Theoretical issues on integrated NLP and VP

* Systems exhibiting integrated NLP and VP

* Intelligent multimedia involving NLP and VP

The following issues will be focussed upon during the workshop:

* Common representations for NLP and VP

* How does NLP help VP and vice-versa?

* What does integration buy us?

* Symbolic versus connectionist models

* Varieties of communication between NLP and VP processors

* Designs for integrating NLP + VP

* Tools for integrating NLP + VP

* Possible applications of integration


Our intention is to have as much discussion as possible during the
workshop and to stress panel sessions and discussion rather than
having formal paper presentations. We will also organize a number of
presentations on Site Descriptions of ongoing work on NLP + VP. There
may be a number of invited speakers.

Day 1: Theory and
 modelling for integrated NLP and VP.

Day 2: Systems
 for integrated NLP/VP, and intelligent multimedia.


We hope to have an attendance between 25-50 people at the workshop.


Papers of not more than 8 pages should be submitted by electronic mail
to Paul Mc Kevitt at Preferred format is
two columns with 3/4 " margins all round. Papers must be printed to 8
1/2" x 11" size. Double sided printing is encouraged. If you cannot
submit your paper by e-mail please submit three copies by snail mail.

*******Submission Deadline: March 18th 1994
*******Notification Date: April 8th 1994
*******Camera ready Copy: April 29th 1994


Workshop notes/preprints will be published by AAAI. If there is
sufficient interest we will publish a book on the workshop with AAAI


Paul Mc Kevitt
Department of Computer Science
Regent Court
University of Sheffield
211 Portobello Street
GB- S1 4DP, Sheffield
England, UK, EC.

fax: +44 742 780972
phone: +44 742 825572 (office)
 825590 (secretary)


Prof. Jerry Feldman (ICSI, Berkeley, USA)
Prof. John Frisby (Sheffield, England)
Dr. Eduard Hovy (USC ISI, Los Angeles, USA)
Dr. Mark Maybury (MITRE, Cambridge, USA)
Dr. Ryuichi Oka (RWC, Tsukuba, Japan)
Dr. Terry Reiger (ICSI, Berkeley, USA)
Prof. Roger Schank (ILS, Illinois, USA)
Dr. Oliviero Stock (IRST, Italy)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster (DFKI, Germany)
Prof. Yorick Wilks (Sheffield, England)

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