LINGUIST List 4.1059

Thu 16 Dec 1993

Qs: Cree, Etymologies, ASL as a foreign language, Pronoun tags

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  1. , CREE
  2. Stanley Dubinsky, query: English etymologies
  3. Sherman Wilcox, Request for help: ASL as a FL
  4. Ron Smyth, pronouns in tags

Message 1: CREE

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 15:21:44 CREE
Subject: CREE


I am wondering if you know of any other linguistic listservers that may be out

I am doing a graduate report on the Cree language. I am having trouble finding

If you can help, I would appreciate it.

Thank You,
Cheryl Tremblay
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Message 2: query: English etymologies

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 16:41:56 ESquery: English etymologies
From: Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSKUNIVSCVM.bitnet>
Subject: query: English etymologies

I pose this query for a colleague here at USC(east) who is without e-mail.
Brian Roots of our French and Classics Dept would like to know:

(1) "Could anyone tell me where the phrase "to put on the dog" comes from."

(2) "Likewise, could anyone provide etymologies and precise meanings for
the following two words (neither of which is in the OED (incl. suppl.)
or the AHD3):
 i. bloviation (seems to be a conflation of "bloated inflation")
 and ii. lede (noun, but not meaning Leute -- seems to mean "news
Not surprisingly, both of these are from that bastion of correct diction
and usage, the NY Times Magazine."

Please respond directly to me, and I will pass the answers along.

* Stanley Dubinsky E-mail: *
* Linguistics Program phone: 803-777-2056 *
* U of South Carolina fax: 803-777-9064 *
* Columbia, SC 29208 *
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Message 3: Request for help: ASL as a FL

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 16:43:35 Request for help: ASL as a FL
From: Sherman Wilcox <>
Subject: Request for help: ASL as a FL

Dear LINGUIST readers:

I'd like to ask for help from any and all who can provide information about
university policies regarding the acceptance of ASL as a foreign language.

Please please please ... if you have *any* information in response to the
following questions, send it to me. Don't feel that you need to answer all
of these questions, or even that you have to answer them in detail. ANY and
ALL information will be very helpful.

1. Name of university or college accepting ASL in fulfillment of foreign
language requirement.

2. Contact person (name, address, phone) for more information about the
foreign language requirement.

3. If ASL is accepted, is it a campus-wide policy, or does it target a
specific college, school, or department (e.g., College of Arts and
Sciences, School of Communication, Dept. of Psychology)? Is this an
undergraduate or a graduate policy?

4. What is the foreign language requirement (e.g., two semesters)? If ASL
meets the requirement, is the same standard used?

5. Is ASL actually taught at this university or college?

6. Does the state you are living in have a state law regarding ASL as a
foreign language (typically these laws address FL instruction in high

7. Any additional information you'd like to mention?

I will be happy to post a summary of answers to LINGUIST at some point in
the future.

A similar post on the DEAF-L network list yielded in 24 hours six new
universities that accept ASL in fulfillment of their foreign language

 Sherman Wilcox
 Dept. of Linguistics
 University of New Mexico
 Albuquerque, NM 87131

 Fax: (505) 266-7332
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Message 4: pronouns in tags

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 16:16:49 ESpronouns in tags
From: Ron Smyth <>
Subject: pronouns in tags

Does anyone know of writings on how pronouns in tag questions get coindexed?
For example, in 'John likes Fred, doesn't he'?, the pronoun is not free; it
must be coindexed with John. I'm familiar with older transformational
treatments, but how does this work within GB?
Ron Smyth
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