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Wed 17 Feb 1993

Calls: 9th European Symposium on LSP

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  1. spr_mb, RE: 9th European Symposium on LSP

Message 1: RE: 9th European Symposium on LSP

Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 10:37:18 GRE: 9th European Symposium on LSP
From: spr_mb <SPR_MBDEBET.NHH.NO>
Subject: RE: 9th European Symposium on LSP

AUGUST 2 - 6 1993


This international conference is the latest in a bi-annual series (previously
held in Jerusalem, Budapest, Vaasa, Leuven etc.) organized under the auspices of
AILA Scientific Commission no. 10 on Language for Special Purposes (in other
words, "Fachsprache"!). The 1993 conference venue is Bergen, Norway, under joint
sponsorship by the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics &
Business Administration. Chairman of the organizing committee: Professor Magnar
Brekke, Institute of Languages, Norwegian School of Economics & Business

The conference theme is Where is LSP in 1993?: Implications and Applications of
Current LSP Research;. This should give ample room for a wide variety of Special
Language concerns and activities while at the same time stressing the vital link
to research. LSP practitioners of various persuasions, engaged in research,
teaching, or practical applications, will thus be in a position to assess the
real impact of LSP-related activity over the full range of domains, and to
suggest targets for our main contributions to the information society of the

Preliminary scientific program:
Plenary Speakers:

Professor Robert de Beaugrande, Univ. of Vienna:
+The Geopolitics of Discourse;.

Professor Faina Citkina, Uzhgorod State University:
+Comparative LSP Research: Implications and Applications;.

Professor Wolfgang Dressler, Univ. of Vienna:
+LSP "von aussen": Reflections on The 9th Symposium;.

Professor Thomas Huckin, University of Utah:
+Local Knowledge, Global Dreams;.

Professor Bjvrn Jernudd, Hong Kong:
+Language Planning and Comparative Terminology;.

Professor Christer Laurin, University of Vaasa:
+LSP - A Valid Concept in '93?;

Professor Alan K. Melby, Director of Linguatech International:
+General versus Specific Domain Language;.

Dr. Frangoise Salager-Meyer, University of the Andes:
+LSP and the Third World;.

PROPOSED TOPICS for scientific contributions, cf. "Forms of Presentation"

Historical LSP and the Philosophy of Science, including topics such as the LSP
study object, LSP and changing attitudes to science, LSP and paradigmatic
the metalanguage of linguistics. FUMS, Uppsala, will organize a workshop on this
general topic.

Theory of Terminology, including topics such as conceptual theory, term
relations, term formation. IITF, Vienna, will organize a workshop on this

LSP, Terminography and Lexicography, including topics such as database design,
record standardization, term extraction, definitions, thesauri.

LSP and the Professions, including topics such as Language for Science and
Technology, Language for Medical Purposes, Judicial Language, Business
Communication, Computer Science.

LSP Pragmatics and Text Linguistics, including topics such as text typology,
discourse analysis, argument structures, rhetoric, speech acts, semantics.

LSP Translation and Interpreting, including topics such as (non)-equivalence,
phraseology, use of dictionaries and terminological data banks.

Langage and Culture in Negotiations, including topics such as linguistic
behavior, body language, cultural filters.

LSP and the Computer, including topics such as artificial intelligence, expert
systems, knowledge representation, computational linguistics, corpora, networks.

LSP and Machine Translation, including topics such as theories, models and
implementations, modularity, human-machine interaction.

The LSP Classroom, including topics such as interactive multimedia, curriculum
design, needs analysis, error analysis, foreign/second language LSP, technical

LSP and Language Planning, including topics such as language problems of
bilingual/multilingual countries, standardization, language policy, normativity
vs descriptivity.

Other well motivated proposals will be considered.
When submitting the abstract, authors are asked to indicate which form of
presentation (cf. below) is intended or desirable. Final decision rests with the
Executive Committee.

Call for papers

Delegates are hereby invited to submit the abstract of a contribution on a topic
falling within the general scope of those listed under "scientific program" The
official deadline was January 15, 1993, but Linguist subscribers will enjoy a
reasonable extension provided an e-mail request for such extension is received
the near future. In the selection of papers preference will be given to those
based on scientific research or addressing issues of theoretical and/or
methodological interest. Authors will be notified of the Screening Committee's
decision by May 15, 1993.

The abstract must be submitted in 4 copies of maximum one A4 page of
single-spaced English text inside 25mm margins and in a type-font suitable for
photographic reproduction (preferably 12-point Times Roman). At top of abstract
sheet please give full name and address, title, affiliation, telephone, telefax,
e-mail address, title of presentation (in English), 2-5 key words plus an
indication of preferred form of presentation (paper, workshop, demo, poster, cf.
below). Please indicate whether special equipment is needed. Please do not
submit abstract by telefax.

A book of abstracts (Copyright: the Executive Committee) will be distributed to
delegates when registering upon arrival at the symposium, along with other
conference material. Following the symposium, the plenary lectures and selected
section papers will be published by a major publisher.

Forms of presentation

Plenary Lectures
Each speaker has been allotted one full hour and the privilege of inviting or
denying comments and questions within that time slot.

For topics that attract a significant number of thematically related
contributions the organizers will provide a seminar-style forum and appoint
coordinators. Active participants will circulate their papers ahead of time and
have 10-15 minutes to present their main ideas for discussion. Other
will be admitted according to available space.

Section Papers
Each speaker will be given 20 minutes to present the paper and 5 minutes to
discuss it with their audience.

This will be an opportunity for individuals to give various audio-visual or
computer-based (as well as multimedia) demonstrations. Need for special
must be communicated at deadline for abstract.

Poster Presentations
These will allow a convenient forum in which to present or discuss research
findings or other material less suited for oral delivery.

A Panel Discussion is being planned for discussing the need for a general LSP

A Book Exhibit will be arranged within the premises.

Social program

August 2: Reception in 13th c. Haakons Hall, hosted by the City of Bergen.

August 3: Evening Concert at +Troldhaugen;, Edvard Grieg's home.

August 4: Full-day excursion: "Norway in a Nutshell" etc.

August 5. Conference Banquet at +Schxtstuene;, 16th c Hanseatic guild halls.


Submission of abstract: reasonably extended for Linguist subscribers posting
e-mail declaration of intent, but you have no time to lose!.

reduced fee (NOK 1200): May 1, 1993
normal fee (NOK 1500): July 15, 1993

Sunday August 1, 1993, 1700-2100 (5-9 p.m.) and
Monday August 2, 1993, 0900-1100 (a.m.)

Start of conference: Monday August 2, 1993 at 1100 (a.m.)

End of conference: Friday August 6, 1993 at 1700 (5 p.m.)


9th LSP Symposium
c/o PLUSreiser A/S
(Marianne Stenhaug)
P.O.Box 946

Telephone: +475 90 20 64
Telefax: +475 90 20 91

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