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Mon 20 Dec 1993

Jobs: Professor, NSF Traineeships, Post doctoral fellowship

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  1. Bjoern Beskow, Job: Professor on Computational Linguistics
  2. Kathleen McCoy, NSF Traineeships at the University of Delaware
  3. Christina Kakava, Post-doctoral fellowship in Hellenic Studies

Message 1: Job: Professor on Computational Linguistics

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 08:40:55 +0Job: Professor on Computational Linguistics
From: Bjoern Beskow <>
Subject: Job: Professor on Computational Linguistics

UNIVERSITY OF GOTEBORG, Department of Linguistics
announces a position as

Professor of Computational Linguistics, ref no E 311 xxx/93

 Applications are invited for a professorship (chair)
in computational linguistics at the Department of Linguistics,
University of Goteborg.
 The department provides an active internationally oriented
research environment. The research is oriented mainly towards
semantics, pragmatics and spoken language. The successful
candidate will be expected to pursue his/her own research
as well as to teach courses, mainly on the graduate level,
provide Ph D thesis work guidance and to take an active
interest in obtaining and pursuing externally funded
research projects.
 Candidates should have proven ability for independent
research, teaching experience and preferably experience
in leading research projects.
Applications should be made in writing and should contain the
following items:
 1. Short account of scientific accomplishments and teaching
 experience including text books (4 copies)
 2. Curriculum vitae containing jobs, awards, scientific and
 pedagogical publications (4 copies)
 3. Copies of grades, certificates (4 copies)
 4. At most 10 publications from the candidate's list. The
 publications should be those that the candidate regards
 as most important. The publications should be put in 4
 parcels, so that they can be directly sent to the members
 of the expert selection committee. Members may later require
 further publications.
 Items of type 1 and 2 should be sent in before deadline for
applications. If items 3 and 4 cannot be provided together with
items 1 and 2, they must be sent in within 3 weeks after the
deadline, and a notification of the intent to submit them must
be made at the time of the application.
 Further information about the job may be obtained from
associate professor Sven Stromqvist, e-mail:
 The application should be addressed to the Vice Chancellor
of the University of Goteborg, contain the above given reference
number and have reached the registrar of the University of Goteborg,
Vasaparken, 411 24 Goteborg no later than February 4, 1994.
DEADLINE OF APPLICATION: the application should have reached
the registrar no later than February 4, 1994.
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Message 2: NSF Traineeships at the University of Delaware

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1993 17:23:30 NSF Traineeships at the University of Delaware
From: Kathleen McCoy <>
Subject: NSF Traineeships at the University of Delaware

Would you please post this announcement on appropriate bulletin
boards at your institution? Please note these traineeships are
intended for students who are beginning graduate study in Fall 1994.



 Department of Computer and Information Sciences
 University of Delaware

 The Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the
 University of Delaware is recruiting students for five National
 Science Foundation graduate traineeships in the area of natural
 language human-computer interfaces. These graduate traineeships
 will be awarded to outstanding students who enter the PhD program
 in the Fall of 1994, and will continue for five years (subject to
 the student making satisfactory progress toward the PhD and no
 discontinuation of the grant by NSF). Each traineeship covers
 tuition and a 12-month stipend of at least $14,000. Opportuni-
 ties exist for summer research at industrial sites and interna-
 tional research laboratories.

 The Department has three faculty (Sandra Carberry, Kathleen
 McCoy, and K. Vijayashanker) whose research is devoted to the
 development of natural language human-computer interfaces, and
 another faculty member (Dan Chester) with significant interests
 in the area. Current research includes grammatical formalisms,
 parsing, understanding, generation, discourse, collaborative
 dialogue systems, plan recognition, user modeling, and augmenta-
 tive communication. In addition, faculty from the Department of
 Linguistics and the Department of Psychology have related
 interests in syntax, semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics,
 phonology, and text processing. The Department also maintains an
 affiliation with the Rehabilitation Engineering Center of the
 A.I.duPont Institute, which pursues applied research on the
 development of communication aids for disabled individuals.

 These graduate traineeships are restricted by NSF to United
 States citizens and permanent residents. We particularly
 encourage eligible women and minority applicants. Interested
 students should contact Sandra Carberry (
 or Kathleen McCoy ( via email or write to

 Department of Computer Science
 Attn: Carberry/McCoy (NSF traineeships)
 University of Delaware
 Newark, Delaware 19716
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Message 3: Post-doctoral fellowship in Hellenic Studies

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 93 21:24:12 ESPost-doctoral fellowship in Hellenic Studies
From: Christina Kakava <KAKAVApucc.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Post-doctoral fellowship in Hellenic Studies

Princeton University invites applications for the Hannah Seeger Davis post-
doctoral fellowship in Hellenic Studies. The fellowship is awarded annually on
 a competitive basis to a young scholar in Hellenic Studies, with a special
emphasis on Byzantine and/or Modern Greek Studies, including their relation to
the Classical tradition. The stipend for academic year 1994-95 will be $28,500
 and the term of residence will be September 1, 1994 to June 30, 1995.

The candidate selected for this fellowship will spend an academic year in
residence at Princeton for the purpose of revising his/her dissertation for
publication as a book or for another research project specified in the
application. The fellow will be invited to participate in the activities
 of the Program and in the intellectual life of the University. She or he will
 enjoy full access to the University's library, archival, and computing

Eligibility is limited to candidates who do not currently hold a tenure-track
academic appointment at another institution and who have completed all the
requirements for the doctoral degree by June 1, 1994 but no earlier than June
1, 1992. Candidates from all humanities and social science disciplines will be

Applicants should submit a CV, samples of their scholarly work, a detailed
description of their research project, and the names of three references.

The deadline for application materials is February 1, 1994. The Committee also
requires a letter from the candidate's departmental chair confirming the date
of completion of all the requirements for the doctoral degree. This letter
should be received by June 1, 1994. The Committee will announce its decision
by early June, 1994.

Applications and inquiries should be addressed to:
Princeton University
Committee on Hellenic Studies
Joseph Henry House
Princeton, NJ 08544-1019
tel.: (609) 258-3339
Fax: (609) 258-2137
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