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Calls: RIAO 1994

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  1. Gregory Grefenstette, Call for Papers

Message 1: Call for Papers

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 93 11:05:41 -0Call for Papers
From: Gregory Grefenstette <>
Subject: Call for Papers



Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems and Management
Rockefeller University
New York, N. Y.
October 11-13, 1994

Sponsored by the European Economic Community
with the participation of INRIA, France Telecom

Organized by the Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales
d'Informatique Documentaire (CID, France), and the
Center for the Advanced Study of Information
Systems (CASIS, USA)

This conference, held every three years since 1985, allows researchers,
product developers and companies to present and demonstrate the latest
evolutions in information retrieval.
New trends in hardware organization, telecommunication networks,
hyperlinking, heterogeneous document creation, computational linguistics,
and other fields modify the way that information retrieval can be imagined.
This conference is a forum for innovative responses to this field
as well as to related problems in very large databases, public access to
information, multimedia information retrieval,
interface specifications, and others.

In addition to regular paper presentations, the conference will offer
prototype and product demonstrations.

Major topics include, but are not limited to:
 I. New paradigms for Information Retrieval
 II. Linguistic Analysis for Automatic Treatment:
 Full-text analysis;
 Indexing and retrieval using NLP;
 Multilingual interfaces and systems;
 Automatic abstracting.
 III. Large Knowledge Bases:
 Electronic dictionaries;
 Thesaurus, hyperbases using semantic
 networks, neuronal networks, conceptual graphs;
 Case-based reasoning systems for text;
 Multi-expert systems;
 Genetic information bases.
 IV. Digitized Document Understanding and Retrieval:
 Text, sound and image management for IR;
 Automatic extraction of factual information, multimedia
 indexing and retrieval;
 Automatic information structuring and linking in
 hypertext and hypermedia;
 Compound and multisource documents,
 active documents, speech documents
 V. Information Reading:
 Intelligent navigational aids;
 User understanding and modeling;
 Query formulation and expansion
 VI. Openness, Interoperability and Integration:
 How to achieve device independent portable information;
 Import/Export facilities;
 Communications between heterogeneous SRIs;
 Intelligent E-mails;
 Systems and interface integration;
 Standardization (SGML, HyTime, ...)
 VII. Multimodal Interfaces:
 Interfaces with several means of interaction (voice,
 mouse, keyboard, pointer, ...);
 Multilingual interfaces;
 Interaction with iconic languages;
 New visualization technologies.
 VIII. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property.
 IX. Measure and Evaluation.
 X. Experimental Applications.


Papers must be validated by a prototype or working model. The authors may
be asked to demonstrate their prototype or working model to a member
of the program committee. The authors are expected to give a
demonstration of their system during a time separate from their oral
presentation. It is advisable that these demonstrations run oon
standard material.

PAPERS should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages,
including figures and text. Send four copies of paper
including authors names, address, telephone and fax numbers,
e-mail address, and an abstract of at most 20 lines.


February 28, 1994 : Four Hard-copy of submissions must be received
 at one of the following addresses:

c/o P. Brodnitz RIAO'94
55 Perry St. #4A 36 rue Ballu
New York, New York 10021 75009 Paris

Tel/fax 212-714-1421 tel: (33) 1 42-85-94-75
e-mail: fax: (33) 1 48-78-49-61
 fax: (33) 1 45-26-84-45

May 15, 1994 : Authors notified of acceptance


Dr F. Seitz, Rockefeller University
Prof. J.M. Funck Brentano, Hopital Necker Paris


J.P. Barthes Univ. Compiegne, France
J.C. Bassano Univ. Orleans, France
C. Chrisment Univ. Toulouse, France
C. Dabney Macquarie Univ. Australia
J. Depireux Univ. Liege, Belgium
J. Ducloy INIST-CRIN, France
D.A. Evans Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA
G. Grefenstette Rank Xerox, France
D.J. Harman NIST, USA
U. Heide Univ. Stuttgart, Germany
A. Giannetti SOGEI, Italy
J. Ladouceur Univ. Laval, Canada
R. Marcus MIT, USA
W. Martin Free Univ. Amsterdam, Holland
M. Noordewier Rutgers Univ., USA
L. Rau General Electric, USA
R.S. Rosenberg Univ. British Columbia, Canada
J. Rouault Univ. Grenoble, France
S. Saracevic Rutgers Univ., USA
B. Sharp Stafford Univ, UK
B. Smith European Community
P.E. Schmitz Text Information Systems , Switzerland
U. Thiel GMD-IPSI Damstadt, Germany
B. Webber University of Pennsylvania, USA
Y. Yamadori JIPDEC, Japan
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