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Mon 20 Dec 1993

Sum: Aboriginal/English cross communication

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  1. Randy Allen Harris, SUM: Aboriginal/English cross communication

Message 1: SUM: Aboriginal/English cross communication

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 16:13:40 -0SUM: Aboriginal/English cross communication
From: Randy Allen Harris <>
Subject: SUM: Aboriginal/English cross communication

My apologies for the delay between my query and this summary; it's an ugly
time of the semester.

My (clumsily worded query (LINGUIST 4.997) read as follows:

> For a course I am teaching, I would be very grateful for references to
> crossed communication between aboriginals (including, especially, Native
> Americans) and Caucasians (including, especially, North American English
> speakers). I would also appreciate any work relating to aboriginals and
> literacy.

The responses I received were:

Basso, Keith. 1972. "To give up on words: silence in Western
 Apache culture." _Language in social context_. Edited. by
 P. Giglioli. Penguin.

Basso, Keith. 1979. _Portraits of 'The Whiteman': Linguistic Play and
 Cultural Symbols among the Western Apache_. London: Cambridge U. P.

Bunte, Pam, and Martha Kendall. 198.1 "When is an error not an error?
 Notes on language contact and the question of interference."
 _Anthropological Linguistics_ 23.1-7).

Kaldor, Susan (et al?). No date. _English and the Aboriginal Child_.
 Western Australian Education Department (?).

Dunnigan, Timothy, Rose Barstow and Angeline Northbird (1988) "Ojibwe
 Texts: Language Mixing and Humor in the Mille Lacs and Red Lake
 Dialects" in _An Ojibwe Text Anthology_. Edited by John D.
 Nichols. Ontario: The Centre for Research and Teaching
 of Canadian Native Languages.

Pride, John B. 1985. Cross-Cultural Encounters: Communication and
 Mis-Communication. Melbourne, Australia: River Seine.

Many thanks, for their prompt and helpful responses, to:
Aaron Broadwell, Scott DeLancey, Timothy Dunnigan, Anne Gilman,
Narahiko Inoue, and Rob Pensalfini.

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 Randy Allen Harris

 Rhetoric and Professional Writing, Department of English, University of
Waterloo, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1, CANADA; 519 885-1211, x5362; FAX: 519 884-8995
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