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Sun 26 Dec 1993

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Message 1: A Persian Association

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 22:09:35 GMA Persian Association
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Subject: A Persian Association

 Association for Persian Logic, Linguistics and Computing (APL2C)
We take the liberty to inform you that a new association for Persian
logic, linguistics and computing has been formed. The focus of this
association is on different dialects of the Persian language (whether
spoken in Iran or other countries) and the other languages which are
spoken in Iran; languages such as modern Persian, Tajiki, Dari,
Kurdish and other Iranian languages.

The objective of this association is to promote research and
application of Persian Logic, Linguistics and Computing by providing a
forum for exchange of information and ideas among all those interested
and involved in these fields (researchers, developers, users, sponsors
and other individuals or institutions). This will be accomplished
through a mailing list of those interested. We hope that this will
also foster the coordination of academic research projects and
industrial development projects.

The interest areas of this association include but are not limited to:

Persian Logic:
 Philosophy of language
 Philosophical logic
 Fuzzy logic and other non-standard logics
 Islamic and traditional logic (from Ibn-Sina up to now)
 Comparative study of Islamic/Western logic

** Shikholraees Abou Ali Sina (i.e. Ibn-Sina) is called 'Avicenna` in
 the west.

Persian Linguistics:
 Phonology and prosody
 Semantics (formal and descriptive)
 Pragmatics and discourse
 Persian psycholinguistic studies
 Applied Linguistics

Persian Computing:
 Machine Translation
 Computer Assisted Language Learning
 Persian Corpora and Lexicons
 Optical Character Recognition and Persian fonts

In the future we intend to distribute an electronic newsletter for
the people connected to the network which will also be available in
hard copy for people who have no access to the network. In addition to
short items of common interest, the newsletter will/may contain longer
contributions related to the interest areas of this association.

In setting up this association we have been encouraged and motivated
by the works of these people:

Persian Linguistics:
A group of linguists working on Persian and dispersed throughout the
world. We are especially grateful to:

 Dr Simin Karimi,
 Linguistics Dept of Arizona Univ.,
 Tucson, USA

Persian Logic:
Cultural Research Institute, Tehran, Iran. We are especially grateful

 Dr Ziaa Movahed,
 Cultural Research Institute,
 Tehran, Iran

Persian Computing:
Dr Behrooz Parhami, Dr Mehrdad Fahimi and their supervised students.
We are especially grateful to:

 Dr Mehrdad Fahimi,
 Dept of Computer Sc. and Eng., Sharif Univ.,
 Tehran, Iran

The mailing list for this association is maintained from the Centre
for Cognitive Science (University of Edinburgh). We are grateful to
this centre for supporting this association; special thanks goes to
Dr Steven Bird, Dr Elisabet Engdahl and Dr Ewan Klein. We are also
indebted to Roger Burroughes and Kevin Davidson for setting up the
mailing list.

For further information please contact APL2C at:

 Siamak Rezaei
 Keyvan Maleki
 Hossein Kamaly
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