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Tue 28 Dec 1993

Books: Asian Langs, Syntax

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  1. I, Asian Langs, Syntax

Message 1: Asian Langs, Syntax

Date: Tue 28 Dec 1993
From: I <>
Subject: Asian Langs, Syntax


PITTWPL (Pitt Working Papers in Linguistics), Volume II. on ASIAN LANGUAGES.
 $8.00. Vol. I also available at $6. Mailing for U.S., Canada, & Mexico
 is $5.00. All other countries, $7.00 per volume. Orders may be sent to
 _Working Papers in Linguistics_, Dept. of Linguistics, 2816 CL, U. of
 Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15232.
Contains articles by Gao Qian on the *ba* construction in Chinese, by
Rumiko Sode on Control in Japanese, by Veronica Ceria on Selayarese
morphology (with nearly 100 pages of verb paradigms on this otherwise
sparsely documented language), and Charles Perfetti & Sulan Zhang on
the relevance of phonology in reading Chinese.


PAPERS ON CASE & AGREEMENT II. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #19. Dec.'93
 Edited by Colin Phillips. 405pp. $15 + p/h ($2 in US, $3 elsewhere).
 MITWPL, 20D-219, MIT, Cambridge, MA 02139.
 e-mail for more information.
Papers on Russian, Irish, Icelandic, Greek,Dutch, German, Japanese, English,
Ergativity, by Maria Babyonyshev, Jonathan Bobaljik, Andrew Carnie, Chris
Collins, Sabine Iatridou, Irene Kramer, Shigeru Miyagawa, Toshifusa Oka,
Carson Schutze, Hoskuldur Thrainsson, Hiroyuki Ura.
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