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Tue 23 Feb 1993

FYI: Chomsky Film, Light Verbs

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  1. Henrik Nielsen, Chomsky Film
  2. Robert Westmoreland, Light Verbs

Message 1: Chomsky Film

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 22:40:12 CEChomsky Film
From: Henrik Nielsen <>
Subject: Chomsky Film

Short info about chomsky film.
Thanks to all who gave info and showed interest. Here is
the essential information:

Film: "Manufacturing consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media"

The title is from the book: "Manufacturing Consent"
The film is merely about his political activism than his linguistic
theories. The film, which plays 2 hours 45 minutes, appeard
in october 1992 on Toronto Film Festival. It is produced by
the canadians Mark Achbar og Peter Wintonik, the company is
Necessary Illusions and The National Film Board of Canada.
It is available on video. Price abt. 30$

The film will be shown at Berlinale Film Festival february 19-21 1993.
Susan Newman from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center gave the following
impression of the film on the Linguist list:

The film about
"Chomsky deals primarily with his political activism and ideas
concerning the media and its relations to corporate, military and
government power on one hand and democratic discourse on the other.
Not only does it do an amazing job of capturing a very complex set of
ideas, but it conveys a powerful sense of Chomsky as a committed
intellectual hard at work to make a difference. There are wonderful
excerpts from debates with the likes of Foucault, William F. Buckley,
a high-ranking Danish official, and others. Also many telling bits of
footage from the popular media over the last 50 years and creative
ways of illustrating basic points devised by the filmmakers themselves
 -- e.g., representing the cutting, rearranging and editing done on a
British news story on U.S. involvement in EAst Timor as medical
surgery, complete with surgical gowns, masks, scalpels, bright lights.
It is one of the best pieces of documentary film-making I have ever
seen, wherever you come down on the issues raised."

Thanks to Susan Newman.

Kind regards from

Henrik Nielsen I
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Message 2: Light Verbs

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 93 18:33:48 ESLight Verbs
From: Robert Westmoreland <>
Subject: Light Verbs

Thanks to Larry Trask and John Paolillo for replying to my inquiry re light
verbs. The citation in question is Otto Jespersen *A Modern English Grammar on
Historical Principles* vol 6, p 117.

Robert Westmoreland
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