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Sat 27 Feb 1993

Calls: COSWL Call for Language and Gender Syllabi

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  1. Elizabeth V Hume, COSWL Call for Language and Gender Syllabi

Message 1: COSWL Call for Language and Gender Syllabi

Date: Fri, 26 Feb 93 23:58:58 ESCOSWL Call for Language and Gender Syllabi
From: Elizabeth V Hume <>
Subject: COSWL Call for Language and Gender Syllabi

Language and Gender Syllabi Collection and Distribution Project

We'd first like to thank everyone who responded to our earlier CALL
FOR SYLLABI and especially those who actually sent us copies of
their syllabi. But we need more! So we've decided to send out our
message again. If you have a syllabus to share, please send it to us.


The Linguistic Society of America's Committee on the Status of
Women in Linguistics is collecting language and gender syllabi for
electronic and hardcopy distribution. We plan to make the
syllabi available electronically on LINGUIST and on the University of
Michigan's new "Institutional File System" server. Hardcopy versions
will be available in course-reader format (for a minimal fee). We
welcome syllabi which integrate literary and linguistic approaches to
the study of gender although we anticipate that most syllabi will have
been designed to introduce students to the ways that gender is reflected
and constructed in spoken language.

To make the collection project manageable for us, we're asking that
syllabi be sent either by e-mail or on a disk by regular mail.

For disk submissions, we prefer syllabi written in Times font on
Macintosh using MSWord, if possible. However, don't be turned off if
you're not a Mac user. Send us your syllabus anyway!

Disks should be sent to:
 Elizabeth Hume
 Department of Linguistics
 The Ohio State University
 223 Oxley Hall
 1712 Neil Ave.
 Columbus, OH 43210

Syllabi may also be submitted by e-mail as an ACSII file. Please
make sure that no lines are longer than about 80 characters. Don't let
any uncertainties about how to convert a file to ASCII format prevent
you from submitting a syllabus. Feel free to contact us at the
addresses below if you have any questions.

E-mail submissions are to be sent to: (Elizabeth Hume)

Below we provide a few *guidelines* for preparing your syllabus for

 o Include references for articles, manuscripts, films or
 books used.

 o Include information on how we, and those who might want to use
 the syllabus, can contact you. At a minimum, include an address.
 You may also want to include an e-mail address and phone

 o If possible, include exercises that you may have designed for use
 in the class, e.g. fieldwork assignments designed to give students
 experience in observing language and gender practices on
 campus, exercises on sexist language, etc.

 o If you like, include a brief statement about yourself describing
 how and when you first taught the course, what prompted/inspired
 you to do so, some of the difficulties you faced in finding
 materials, some of the unexpected places you found ideas, what
 has worked well over theyears and what has worked poorly, what
 you'd like to do differently next time you teach the course, etc.

Please contact either of us if you have any questions.

Bonnie McElhinny
Department of Linguistics
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2150
(415) 493-8514

Elizabeth Hume
Department of Linguistics
The Ohio State University
223 Oxley Hall
1712 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 292-2577
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