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Sat 27 Feb 1993

FYI: Call for sponsorship: Language of Russia and its Neighbours

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  1. Institute of Linguistics, Call for sponsorship: Language of Russia and its Neighbours

Message 1: Call for sponsorship: Language of Russia and its Neighbours

Date: Tue, 23 Feb 93 02:15:35 +0Call for sponsorship: Language of Russia and its Neighbours
From: Institute of Linguistics <>
Subject: Call for sponsorship: Language of Russia and its Neighbours

 ************* Moderators' Note **************

Although we would not normally publish solicitations of the type
found in this posting, we hope that subscribers will feel that it
is justified in this case by the special problems faced at present
by linguists in Eastern Europe.


 C A L L F O R S P O N S O R S H I P

 Unparalleled in The Encyclopoedia describes the rise,
the range of languages development and present status of all the
and the scope of in- languages of the former Russsian Empire
formation and afterwards - the Soviet unitary state.
 All essays in this manuscript are based
 on the same pattern and contain reliable
 information, understandable to a layman.
 From this information you can learn:
 The essays for * what languages are spoken in Russian
the Encyclopoedia are and the neighbouring countries;
written by eminent * in what regions they are used;
scholars, leading ex- * how many people speak them;
perts on the languages You will also receive information:
of Russia and its nei- * on the range of their use and their
ghbours. official status;
 The Encyclopoedia * on their contacts with other langua-
includes 180 essays and ges (cognate and noncognate);
contains most comprehen- * on the origin, history and present
sive and accurate infor- status of their writing systems;
mation. * on the development of standard ages;
 * on the principal stages of their
 external history (language and ethni-
 city, migration of users, etc.);
 * on the structure of each language,
 its lexicon, phonetics and dialects;
 * on the rise and development of each
 language with a list of major sources
 of data on its history in the context
 of the history of its users.
 The Encyclopoedia is versatile. It meets the needs of both a
specialist and a layman. It was compiled under the guidance of
Professor Victoria Jarceva, Corresponding Member of the Russian
Academy of Sciences. "Languages of Russia and its Neighbours" is a
must for a modern reader.

 T H E L I S T
 of English names of the languages described in
Abaza Finno-Ugric languages Olcha
Abkhaz Gagauzi Oroc
Abkhazo-Adygh Georgian Orok
Adighe German Oroshor
Agul German languages Ossetic
Akhvakh Ginux Ostyak
Alabughat Tatar Godoberi Paleosiberian languages
Albanian Greek Pamir languages
Aleut Gunzib Parya
Altai Gypsy Persian
Altaic languages Hungarian Polish
Alutor Jndo-European Romance
Andi Jngrian Rumanian
Andian languages Jngush Russian
Arabic Jranian languages Rutul
Archi Jshkashim Selkup
Armenian Jtel'men Shor
(modern)Assyrian Kabardian Shughni
Astrakchan Nogai Kalmyk Siberian Tatar
Avar Kalmyk of Jssykh Kol Sino-Tibetan languages
Azerbaijani Karachai Sirenik
Bagulal Karaim Slavic languages
Balkar Karakalpak Slovac
Baltic langua ges Karata Svan
Baluchu Karelian Tabassaran
Baraba Kartvelian language Tajik
Bartang Kazakh Talysh
Bashkir Kerek Tat
Bats Khakas Tatar
Bezhita Khinalug Tindi
Botlikh Khuf Tofa
Budukh Khvarshi Tsez
Bulgarian Kirghiz Turkic languages
Buryat Komi-Permian Turkish
Byelorussian Komi-Zyrian Turkmen
Caucasian languages Korean Tuva
Chamalal Koryak Udi
Chech Kryz Udmurt
Chechen Kumuk Uigur
Cheremis Kurdish Ukrainian
Chukchee Lak Uralic languages
Chukchee-Kamchatkan Lamut Urum
 languages Lappic Uzbek
Chulym Tatar Laz Yaghnobi
Chuvash Lettish Yakut
Crimean Tatar Lezghian Yazghulam
Crimchak Lezghian languages Yemchidi
Daghestanian languages Lituanian Yenisei Samoyed
Dargin Livonian languages
Dido languages Manchu Yeniseian (Ket)
Dolgan Manchu-Tungus Yeniseian languages
Dungan Mingrelian Yiddish
East Caucasian Mongol languages Yukaghir
Eskimo Aleut languages Mordvin-Erzya Yurak
Eskimo of Asia Mordvin-Moksha Veinakh languages
Escimo of Bering Nanai Veps
 Strait Negidal Vote
Estonian Nganasan Votyak
Evenki Nivkh Wakhi
Finnish Nogai
For further information, please, contact: Avenir Belikov
 "SLOG" research centre,Institute of Linguistics
 1/12 Semashko st. Moscow 103009 Russia
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