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Wed 03 Mar 1993

Sum: Russian and Polish Phonotactics

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  1. "Amy Uhrbach", Russian, Polish biblio

Message 1: Russian, Polish biblio

Date: 02 Mar 93 09:06:15 EST
Subject: Russian, Polish biblio

 Polish & Russian Grammars, etc.

Here are the references I received on Russian and/or Polish phonotactics and
orthotactics. I deleted the comments that (all) contain information on
those topics. Other relevant comments are included.


Gladney, F. 1983. Handbook of Polish. Urbana: G&G Press. ($12.50 postpaid
 from 709 West Michigan, Urgbana, IL 61801)
Mazur, B.W. . 1983. Colloquial Polish (text & cassette). New York:
Swan, Oscar E. 1983. A Concise Grammar of Polish (2nd ed.). University Press
 of America. (in paper and pretty cheap.)
Zagorska-Brooks, Maria. Polish Reference Grammar??. Mouton??. (recommended
 several times; one person noted some rules are in error)


Halle, Morris. 1959??. The Sound Pattern of Russian. The Hague: Mouton.
 (comprehensive information on Russian sound combinations)
Kucera, Henry & G.K. Monroe. 1968?. "A Comparative Quantitative Phonology of
 Russian, Czech and German". New York: American Elsevier. (phonotactics)
Lekomceva, Margarita Ivanovna. 1968. Tipologija struktur sloga v slavjanskix
 jazykax. Moscow: Nauka. (discusses the syllabic structure of all Slavic
 languages and has a bibliographical section for each Slavic literary
 language. Many items listed in the bibliography are in non-Slavic
 languages, such as English.) IN RUSSIAN
Russian for Everybody. Moscow: Russky Yazik publishers
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