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Sum: Vietnamese/Cambodian

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  1. "Amy Uhrbach", Asian references

Message 1: Asian references

Date: 08 Mar 93 12:16:35 EST
Subject: Asian references

 Vietnamese/Cambodian references

VIETNAMESE (The following all came from

Husby, Olaf. VIETNAMESISK GRAMMATIKK. in Norwegian. (It is a description of
the history, phonology and grammar of the VN language. It is aimed at
teachers of VN students, but goes into to detail on certain items. There is
a quite detailed description of the orthographic system, the presentation of
sounds in orthography, and phonotactics. If you are interested, just contact
me. In the meantime I mail you a list of the literature I used.)


Anden>s, Ellen, 1984. Vietnamesisk og norsk spr kstruktur. I Hvenekilde og
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 other responses)
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 Southeast Asia Program. (mentioned by ALL responders!)
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For more information:
Huffman, Franklin E. ??, Bibliography and Index of Mainland Southeast Asian
 Languages and Linguistics. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1986
Keyes, Charles F. Southeast Asian Research Tools: Cambodia. Honolulu.
 University of Hawaii -Asian Studies Program. 1979.

Thanks to all who responded!!
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