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Mon 15 Mar 1993

FYI: Notes from '92 ICSLP available by ftp

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  1. Vince Weatherill, Notes from the '92 ICSLP Workshop

Message 1: Notes from the '92 ICSLP Workshop

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 93 14:40:04 ESNotes from the '92 ICSLP Workshop
From: Vince Weatherill <>
Subject: Notes from the '92 ICSLP Workshop

 Notes from the
 Workshop on Orthographic and Phonetic Transcription
 at the 1992 International Conference on
 Spoken Language Processing
 Banff, Alberta, Canada
 October 12-16, 1992

Notes from the 1992 ICSLP Workshop on Orthographic and Phonetic
Transcription are now available through anonymous ftp. The Workshop
was organized by Margot Peet, The MITRE Corporation, and Ron Cole,
Oregon Graduate Institute. The Workshop goals were to agree on areas where
community-wide conventions are needed, to identify and document
current work, and to establish a means of future communication and
continued cooperation.

The session leaders mentioned below presented the workshop with a
brief overview of the nature of the problem in each area, and a sketch
of the state of the art and issues and challenges. Workshop members
then convened into four breakout groups. Notes of the breakout group
discussions are being provided to attendees who signed up to receive
copies of the notes.

The Workshop notes were compiled by the scribes and leaders of the
four breakout groups:

Session Topic: Spontaneous Speech
Session Leader: Maxine Eskenazi, LIMSI, France
Session Scribe: David Novick, Oregon Graduate Institute

Session Topic: Dictionary Baseforms/Multi-language Orthography
Session Leaders: Caroline Huang, Dragon Systems, Inc.
 Beatrice Oshika, Portland State University
Session Scribe: Karen Ward, Oregon Graduate Institute

Session Topic: IPA/Phonetic Transcription
Session Leader: John Ohala, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Session Scribe: John Esling, University of Victoria

Session Topic: Prosody
Session Leader: Kim Silverman, NYNEX
Session Scribe: Nancy Daly, MIT

A ascii text file of the Workshop notes can be obtained by anonymus ftp from:

 Name: anonymous
 Password: [your name]
 ftp> cd pub
 ftp> cd tech-reports
 ftp> cd icslp-workshop
 ftp> get icslp-notes
 ftp> quit

A hard copy may be obtained by surface mail by sending your
address to
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