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Wed 17 Mar 1993

Sum: Metaphor

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Message 1: query on metaphors: responses

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1993 10:52 EETquery on metaphors: responses
From: <>
Subject: query on metaphors: responses

Several people answered my query on metaphors. Thank you to all!
Here is a list of the references & other mentions I got:

Aristotle: The Art of Rhetoric. Translation by G. Kennedy
(1991): Aristotle: On Rhetoric. OUP.

Axley, S.R.: Managerial and Organizational communication on
terms of the conduit metaphor. Academy of Management Review 9,

Bolinger, Dwight: Language - the loaded weapon

Carrol, J.& Thomas, J.: Metaphor and the Cognitive
Representation of Computing Systems. IEEE Transactions on
Systems, Man, and Cybernetics 12, 1982

Chilton, P.& Lakoff G.: Foreign Policy by Metaphor . CRL
Newsletter 3,no.5 Univ.of California, San Diego

Derrida, Jacques: White Mythology: metaphor in the text on
philosophy, in Derrida: Margins of Philosophy

Dirven, Rene: Metapher und Ideologie. Obst/Osnabruecker Beitrage
zur Sprachtheorie 46, 1992

Gerhard, Ute: Wenn Fluechtlinge und Einwanderer zu
"Asylantenfluten" werden - zum Anteil des Mediendiskurses an
Rassistischen Pogromen. Obst/OBzS 46, 1992

Johnson M.: The Philosophical Basis of Metaphor (Univ. of
Chicago Press?)

Johnson M. The Body and the Mind. Univ. of Chicago Press

Lakoff, George: Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things

Lakoff G. & M.Turner: More than Cool Reason. U.of Chicago Press

Lakoff, George & Johnson, Mark: Metaphors We Live By

Levinson, S.: Pragmatics

Ortony, A.: Metaphor and Thought

Reddy, R.: The Conduit Metaphor and Mann: The Epistemology
of Metaphor, both in Sheldon Sacks (ed.) On Metaphor


Shibles, W.A.: Metaphor. Whitewater, Wisconsin 1971.

Van Noppen, J-P, de Knop S. & R.Jongen: Metaphor: A
Bibliography of post -1970 publications. Benjamins, Amsterdam

Van Noppen, J-P.& E.Hols: Metaphor II: A Classified Bibliography
of Publications 1985 to 1990.

Other hints:
Gentner, Dedre: articles in the journals Cognitive Science or
Artificial Intelligence.

Schank, R.: work of his students & colleagues on
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