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Wed 17 Mar 1993

Sum: Contentive Typology

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  1. Max Wheeler, Sum: Contentive Typology

Message 1: Sum: Contentive Typology

Date: Wed, 17 Mar 93 13:34:20 GMSum: Contentive Typology
From: Max Wheeler <>
Subject: Sum: Contentive Typology

A while ago I enquired about works in English or a Romance language discussing
Contentive Typology. Replies came in (for which many thanks) from all
continents except Africa. Just about everyone mentioned the first item below.
I'm posting the list in case anyone else would find the refs useful.

Nichols, Johanna, 1992. _Language Diversity in Time and Space_, Chicago: UP.

Klimov, G.A. 1974. On the character of languages of active typology,
_Linguistics_ 131. 11-25
Klimov, G.A. 1983. On contentive typology, _Lingua e Stile_ 18. 327-341
Lazard, Gilbert, 1986. Le type linguistique dit "actif": reflexions sur une
typologie globale, _Folia Linguistica_ 20. 87-108
Lehmann, W.P. 1990. The current thrust of IE studies, _General Linguistics_
Lehmann, W.P. & Hewitt, H.J.J. (eds.), 1991. _Language Typology 1988:
Typological Models in Reconstruction_. Amsterdam: Benjamins
Nichols, Johanna, 1986. Head-marking and dependent-marking grammars,
_Language_ 62. 56-119
Nichols, Johanna, 1990. Some preconditions and typical traits of the
stative-active language type (with reference to Proto-Indo-European), in W.P.
Lehmann (ed.), _Language Typology 1987_, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 95-113

Max Wheeler,
School of Cognitive & Computing Sciences,
University of Sussex,
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH,
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